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What can I do when dont get good hands

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  • What can I do when dont get good hands

    Hi, Im here playing a poker torney with 2.20$ buy-in. I've been here like more than 1 hour and havent get any good hand, everything I have gotten its cards like Q8 off, A5 off out of possition, havent hit any flop or win a decent pot, and everyone in my table are agressive and loose so its more difficult to play with this bad hands. What can I do in a spot like this?

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    What, when and how are you opponents playing, especially those nearest, especially on your left?
    Think situations, not cards.
    The play of a hand tells a story about those involved, look for inconsistencies.

    Now ask yourself how can these players be exploited. Or how can you encourage them to make a mistake.

    At this level they don't need much help to make mistakes, but the mental exercises above take the main focus off your cards and on your opponents.

    Poker is not a game of good cards, but of good situations. Learn to recognize them.

    Good decisions.


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      Yes, all in my table can be the worst poker players in the world, but I cant play without good cards if everytime I was in late position at least 4 players was involved in the hand, or I cant risk 40% of my stak calling a raise with 94 trying to expect they make a mistake?


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        I asked the trainer flix a similar question but asked what to do in cash games when running really badly/being card dead. He came up with a great suggestion of stepping down a stake. Maybe when your having a bad run you could play smaller buy in tournaments until you start getting hands again. That way you limit the damage to your bankroll


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          Good old variance and luck showing itself to the fore!

          You just have to grind it out and try to make correct decisions. If this means you have to fold 95% of hands for a period and you go through a spell of several tournaments without feeling like you're taking part, so be it.

          This happens to all poker players at some stage. The good players don't let tilt take over. As already suggested, dropping stakes might be a good idea if you're on a prolonged bad streak - there is nothing wrong with this and you should be able to bounce back.


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            Calling a raise and cold callers with 94 is NEVER a good decision.

            Cold runs (bad variance) and hot runs (good variance) can last weeks and sometimes months. It happens, so you must be prepared to deal with it.

            At this time you seem too frustrated to play your A game. As long as you focus on results expect frustration. Poker is a long-term proposition. Focus on quality decisions. For all but the worst players, folding is your most frequent action.

            Good decisions are like putting money in the bank. Bad decisions are like frivolous spending.

            The best way to win a poker tournament is to survive to the final table then hit a hot streak. When at a table of level 0 & 1 players patience and survival is necessary.



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