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BPC nut?

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  • BPC nut?

    Hiya, I barely had a read on this guy, I think it was the 7rd or 8th hand of the tournament. All I know is that he has a med callrange (J7s) So him hitting that straight was a possibillity. I don't believe he had any reason not to believe my bets, as he hadn't seen me bluff, or bet heavily before.
    What do you think? This hand is giving me a headache :-'(
    He had no idea I wouldn't spring for the rebuy, so why would he bluff that hard? Only thing that comes to mind is that he's playing way under his bankroll.

    I would have pushed myself on the river if no drawcard had dropped...

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    Hi Ashalina77! With 88 from the BB, when the button raises to 120, I'm going to call, since the stacks are deep enough to setmine (15+X the bet in both my stack and the opp's). The key with this hand is that I do NOT want to check the flop. I'm going to make a standard value bet and with only one opp in the pot, a standard sizing is 1/2 pot, so I will bet 133. When the opp bets, I'm absolutely going to raise and once again, the key is the sizing. I'm going to bet between 3X the previous bet (360) and a pot-sized raise (385), so I will raise to 375. The opp now re-raises to 700. With top set, I'm going to re-raise and SHOVE! I need to make it at least 3X his bet and that's basically all of my chips. Worst case, if the opp has the straight, I have 7 outs to the turn and 10 to the river and I'm way ahead of everything else. If I saw the turn with chips left (which I would not), once again, I cannot check. I need to make a 1/2 pot value bet. When the opp bets 700, this bet also pot-commits me, so I need to shove the turn. When I make a bet that is pot-committing, I cannot ever fold, so I need to shove instead of calling. Especially in a rebuy tourney, where I could get called with much worse than a made straight, I absolutely need to bet the flop, then shove when the opp raises. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thank you ^^

      At least I got it half right lol. Him reraising me made me think he had a double ended straight draw. Not wanting to bust out was my curse. I'll learn from it. All or nothing from now on!



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