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5.5$ [1000 CAP] - QTs OTB preflop decision

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  • 5.5$ [1000 CAP] - QTs OTB preflop decision

    Active player min-opens from the HJ with 22bb stack. We are sitting OTB with 28bbs and a pretty looking hand Both blinds are tight and I don't expect them to do anything crazy. Do you like the call preflop with QTs? Would you consider 3betting? Would you do anything else post flop as played?

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    Hi George

    Calling is fine We have the button and we have a hand that plays well post flop, I prefer calling villains raise rather than 3 betting because if we 3bet we're giving him the option to shove it in our face and that's not what we want, especially with a hand as playable as ours.

    Calling c bet is standard, turn card is a tricky one and I think that either calling/shoving is fine. I don't think we have much fold equity when we shove the turn because of how many chips villain has committed to the hand but if we've seen him bet/fold in similar spots like this one previously then I'd go for it. As played we have to fold the river which sucks.

    Cheers, Chris.



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