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Big 5.5 - BTN steal spot?

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  • Big 5.5 - BTN steal spot?

    SB is sitting with 2bbs, BB has us well covered and seems to be a good player. What are your considerations in this spot with 15bbs? Would you shove, min-raise to play with the SB and fold to a shove from BB, or just fold?

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    Hi geoVARTA! In this situation, I'm going to open to 1250 (2.5BB+1BB for each limper). I'm hoping to isolate the SB and I don't want to min-raise because I would much rather be in a HU pot. If the BB does come over the top of me, it also leaves room to fold. A min raise will give the BB these odds to call (500 into 2790 or 17.9%).. so they're priced in to play with almost ATC.. something that I do not want to happen. I want to isolate the SB, not to be in a 3-way pot with a marginal-at-best hand. I also do not want to shove, as all that this will accomplish is to get my hand value-owned. I'll only get called by the BB when they have a better hand. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Shoving is a heaps better option.

      Raise/folding with a hand like K8s is leaking chips imo. If we had a stronger hand like AJ+, TT+ minraise/calling is fine, but a hand like K8s we want to maximize fold equity (and even if we are called we aren't in terrible shape).

      15bbs is right on the border but i'd still lean towards a shove. We only have 2 players to get through and we have enough chips that they won't call too light (Ax).

      John, shouldn't our main aim should be to steal the blinds which will increase our stack by 18%. We can't always shove for value.
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