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AJs in BB Against Big Stack Open

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  • AJs in BB Against Big Stack Open

    I really hate the way I played this, and I'm totally lost as to what I should have done with this hand. I'm leaning towards shove, but with him having the big stack, I doubt I'm getting a fold here, and I can't seem to win AJ against any two. I thought the hand was too strong to fold especially to a min bet, so I opted to call an see the flop. Pretty sure I played the flop right as all I had was a gutter and ace high. Not able to use my tracker, so no stats on anyone, but the raiser seemed like an average TAG type player up to this point. After this hand he did seem like he was trying to bully the table a bit as we approached the bubble, but there's know way I could have known that during this hand.

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    Personally think you played the hand perfectly fine. If we know this guy's opening wide then we can definitely just jam pre but with a hand as playable as ajs i see nothing wrong with trying to connect 1st, even though we're somewhat shallow. We still have a very playable reshove stack after we x/f here.

    Fwiw, generally I'm looking to get this in pre and see 5, but it's definitely not mandatory by any means and as always, opp specific.


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      Hi DemzMahChipz! With AJs from the BB, I get a min-raise in front of me from mid position. I have two choices here. option 1: I can 3-bet here to 4800 and get the lead in the hand this way (and maybe a preflop fold). option 2: I can call the min-raise, then get the lead by betting 1/2 pot on ANY flop. It's a bit too many chips to shove preflop (the std raise does not pot-commit me). I also do not want to play the hand passively and call, then check/fold, as doing so is a leak of 800 chips. If I'm going to play the hand, I need to take the initiative in it either preflop or on the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Sorry but saying there is too many chips to stick in pre is just plain wrong. We have 20bb which is pretty much ideal for reshoving. 3 bet folding this hand would be extremely(!!!!) bad, it's an excellent hand and if we 3 bet fold it we turn it into a bluff which would be a tremendous waste, if we 3 bet as noted (which i don't think we'd ever be doing as a bluff, so we should probably just shove, though that's less relevant depending on game type etc) it should be with the intention of calling off imo.

        Also, there's absolutely no need to "donk any flop" if we decide to call a min raise (though actually on this particular flop i kind of like a lead EDIT : Thought there was a diamond on board, i like it a lot less having just taken a second look at board :P STill possible though, I guess) there's nothing wrong with just taking your unbelievable price in the bb with a strong hand and x/fing when you miss. There's a reason why many top pro's do this (even on shallower stack sizes, and with FAR worse hands than AJs)
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          yup with 20bb i'm re-shipping here, AJs is so far ahead of the big stacks mid position opening range.
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