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Calling shoves with AQo - PSO Knockout Festival

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  • Calling shoves with AQo - PSO Knockout Festival

    This is a hand from PokerSchoolOnline - Knockout Festival [$50 GTD] - Level III (25/50) that I lost.

    I had folded AKo earlier to a couple of re-raises and had played generally very very tight. And for the most, the entire table was like that.
    Villain, the 4th most aggressive player on the table, has stats 19/9 over a 48 hand sample, which were the total hands dealt at the time.

    I know from posting a hand here recently that calling a shove with AKo on the FT is frowned upon, not that this was the FT.
    Equilab tells me even if I put him at a very tight range (99+,AJs+,KQs,AQo+) the AQo holds 60.78% equity.

    Should I have not bet at all and just fold to wait for a better spot?
    If I had flatted and seen the flop, pairing my Q making TPTK, I would've called his shove anyways I feel - and would this have been the 2nd wrong call to make if it played out like that?

    Is this situation a bad 3 bet and call then

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    Hi IBNash! There are a lot of problems with this hand. The first is the opp's range. This villain is not aggressive. 19/9 is more tight passive, than aggressive. 19/16 would be a TAG. Since the opp's PFR is 9, then that is the number I need to put into pokerstove to get their range and I get 88+,ATs+,KTs+,QJs,AJo+,KQo. AQo is a 50-50 coin flip (will win 49.8%, so it's a favorite to lose) against this range, it is not a 60-40 favorite to win. The next problem (which is a HUGE one) is with the bet sizes. With AQo, I get a limp, then a standard raise to 200 in front of me. This is the time for my decision in the hand. I need to call, raise or fold. If I raise, I CANNOT raise to less than 3X the previous bet (600). However, this is well over 1/3 of my remaining stack, so I'm pot-committed. This means that if I raise, I need to shove. I really don't want to call here, because it will be putting in almost enough chips to pot-commit me. Therefore, I have to shove or fold. While AQ IS strong enough to shove with, it is NOT a strong enough hand for me to call a shove with. It takes a much stronger hand to call a shove, than to initially shove with. In this situation, I'm going to 3-bet shove. I do not want to bet less and give the opp the right odds to try to outdraw me. If the opp was playing tighter, then I could also fold. What I absolutely cannot do.. is something in-between. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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