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8h 9h in SB, live tourney. Did I make the right call?

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  • 8h 9h in SB, live tourney. Did I make the right call?

    I was playing in a tourney this evening where the following came up. Apologies if the details are a little sparse, this was a few hours ago and I must have played for the best part of an hour after this hand. Important facts are: I was first to act. Big blind was either 600 or 800 at this point. I had something in the way of 12k-15k, but hadn't counted at the time. I am sitting in SB with . One player (either UTG or UTG+1, I remember where she was sat but not if both seats between us were full at that point) calls, folds to me, BB checks. Flop comes . I bet 2k, the idea behind it is that anybody who is drawing will be put off. I'll generally make a sizeable bet when I flop 2 pair with one of the pairs being on the board. BB folds, villain barely thinks before shoving all in for something like 8k. If I call and lose, I'll still have chips left but I'll not be playing for long. After a bit of debating I fold, thinking that she probably has a 7, or possibly an over pair. I show my 9 and 4 or 5 people at the table disagree with my fold, making me wonder if I made the right move (which is why I'm now posting here). It's probably worth noting that this was a bounty tourney, so if I win I'll get £5 on the spot. Did I make the right move here?

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    Also, let me know if any more info would be useful. At this point villain has only been sat at the table for a few hands (less than one orbit), so not enough time to work out typical behaviour.


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      Hi Styxx1000! With 89s in the SB, as long as I have a deeper stack compared to the blinds, then I'll complete here and see the flop (especially if the BB is passive). I need to be deeper stacked though, as if I'm below 15BB or so, I don't want to be leaking off chips when I miss. The key on the flop is that I need to make a standard value bet. With 2 opps in the hand, I need to bet 2/3 pot.. but since the amount in the pot isn't listed, saying 2/3 is all I can do. I do not want to bet less than this or I can be giving the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me and if I do so and they outdraw me, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. To know if the call is right, I need to know the exact amounts that I need to call and that are in the pot, as I need to take them and divide them to get what my pot equity to call is... in order to call, I need to have my hand equity be more than the pot equity. With this being a bounty tourney, I'd also need to know how much a cash would be in relation to the bounty amount. The closer that a bounty is to a cash.. the more likely I will be to call. If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably a call, but without the stack sizes, pot size and payout info.. it depends.. as that information is crucial to my decision. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        As I said this was in the middle of a game, and there was plenty of time after it to forget some of the finer details. Pot was around 4BB, as there were 3 players in and antes of 100, I think at this point there were 8 players around the table. So I was betting either just above or just below 2/3 of the pot. I'm fairly sure we were at 800 for BB at this point so it would be just below. Thanks very much for the info John! I'll try and retain all that for next time I'm in a spot like this umbup:


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          Tough to understand the sizing without knowing the proper details like John said... but if the BB is at 600 or 800 then I think 2K is too large a lead on the flop, as it's hard for worse hands to continue vs. this lead so when we get action it will be from a range that our equity is poor against over all. I would prefer to bet about 1K (if BB is 600) or 1.2K and fold to a raise tbh.

          Originally posted by Styxx1000 View Post
          After a bit of debating I fold, thinking that she probably has a 7, or possibly an over pair.
          Another important hand the villain can hold besides 7's and overpairs is a 9. That's also bad for us as all the 9x hands people play are beating us except for the tying 98... 97s, T9s, J9s, A9, K9, Q9 are all ahead. And then they could be going with a draw as well, but there aren't a lot of draw combos they can have relative to all the made hands, and their equity is good on draws anway. For example, JcTc is a favorite over us with 2 cards to come, 56-44. We'd still be correct to get it in as a slight dog with all the money now in the pot, the price is right... but when you include hands we're drawing extremely thin against like TT, A9, 76s, etc... vs. their range as a whole we're not doing so well.
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