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NL,holdem : Playing form BB

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  • NL,holdem : Playing form BB

    Dealer button with Villan 3

    My Hole Cards 6c Ks

    Villan 4 puts small blind 5

    HERO puts big blind 10

    Hole cards dealt


    Villan 1 called 10

    Villan 2 called 10

    Villan 5 called 10

    Villan 3 folded

    Villan 4 folded

    HERO checked

    cards 5s Js 6d

    HERO checked

    Villan 1 checked

    Villan 2 checked

    Villan 5 raised 20

    HERO called 20

    Villan 1 folded

    Villan 2 folded

    Turn card Td

    HERO checked

    Villan 5 raised 25

    HERO called 25

    River card 7h
    HERO raised 20

    Villan 5 called 20


    Villan 5 shows 9d 5d

    HERO shows 6c Ks

    Winner HERO amount 166, with One Pair Sixes, 6c 6d Ks Js Td
    the villan5 was a bit loser . He made a small bet ,preferably a semi-bluff . I just called with medium pair .

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    Hi siingh,

    It would make the job of the hand analysers easier if you posted using the Hand Replayer or Boom instead of the wall of text.
    Might I suggest you see this post first



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      not playing on stars

      I am sorry but THIS HAND i DIDN'T PLAYED ON POKERSTARS .. I played it on a local site which gave me hand history like this . It would not convert to a hand in hand replayer


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        Hi siingh! With a really bad hand in K6o, when the others limp, I'm more than happy to check and see a free flop. If someone would have raised, I need to fold. I flop 2 pair and need to make a value bet. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, board texture and number of opps. With 3 opps in the pot, I need to bet 34 chips. I cannot check. The only time that I can check is if there isn't a single card in the deck that can beat me and with this many opps, someone has an overcard to my 6. I also cannot bet (or call) a bet less than this, or I can be giving the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me... something that I need to avoid doing whenever possible when I think I'm ahead. The turn 10 could be a problem, because if the opp has one, I'm now way behind. I need to make one last value bet here and will lead for 1/2 pot since I'm heads-up. My plan for the rest of the hand is that if I'm raised, I need to fold and if I am called, I'm not putting another chip into the pot unless I improve on the river. If I check the turn, then I need to fold to the opp's bet. I do not want to check/call here. The river is another overcard and I need to check and hope to get to a cheap showdown. If the opp bets again, I need to fold. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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