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7$ 18 man - Post flop line with overpair on wet flop facing a raise

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  • 7$ 18 man - Post flop line with overpair on wet flop facing a raise

    Villain looks kind of fishy playing 55/19 over 22 hands. With an overpair to the board facing a small raise on a wet flop, how would you proceed? Against hands like: { 66-22, AcQc, AcJc, Ac9c, Ac8c, Ac7c, Ac6c, Ac3c, A2s, KcQc, KcJc, QcJc, 76s, 54s, 76o, 54o } we have 27% equity which justifies a call given the pot odds however, we can expect a bet on the turn with little room for us to improve. If we call, how do we plan to proceed on the turn with less than a PSB left? Shoving with 27% equity seems unprofitable, how about a fold, too weak?

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    Hi George,

    For me this is just a fold. It's not a small check/raise imo, he's raising just over 3x the bet, and a quarter of his remaining stack, into 2 players. It looks very strong imo. The fact that he's been very loose preflop means it's plausible this flop hits him hard in many ways.

    A call is not justified on pot odds, 27% equity is to showdown, but we will not get to see the river without putting our stack in would be a fair assumption. Also the range you've assigned comprises hands against which we have no chance other than running cards, or hands against which we're roughly coin flipping, there's little in his range here we're crushing other than 22 (which I would not include in his range), 66, and 77-99 (which might be fair to include some combos of). If we think we're good often enough we should just put him in on the flop imo, but the strength this action shows on the flop leads me to not like stacking off TT on level 1 of the sng here.
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      Good, what I thought so too umbup: Looks like I'm not that bad in tournies so far :p



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