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Could I have played this different? (Live poker hand)

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  • Could I have played this different? (Live poker hand)

    This was my exit hand from the IPO yesterday.

    I had 2 loose aggressive's either side of me. The guy on my right had a very high steal rate, previous hands seen were A2o, JTo. Guy to my right was involved in a load of pots, loved to float and had shown 76o as an early position raise. Player to my left was a bad LAG but player to my right was a top shark and a really good player.

    I think this is critical to my line of thinking although maybe doesn't seem so much to the hand in question.

    My image was very rock like but I was highly restricted by these 2 players so I didn't get involved with them much. I had shoved all in the hand before last to a 4 limpers pot when on the button with AKs. I didn't show but I think this might have influenced villains decision.

    Blinds 500/1,000 Ante 100. I had 27,000 chips (27BBs) I was in CO+1. LAG1 in CO+2 raised to 3,000 and I had 77. I know I am crushing LAG1's range but I'm never flat calling here and my only raise I could put out is around 7,500 but I don't think LAG1 is ever folding to a 3 bet which he proved several times earlier in the game.

    My only other option was to shove and I done so but I was instant re-shoved my LAG2. He threw over AKo and flopped his A and it was game over. When he re-shoved I was sure he had AA or KK but quite glad when I knew I was ahead.

    Is 77 strong enough to shove in this spot? Or could I have played it any different?

    I know this is a standard flip that you have to win in tourneys but I'm just a little unsure of my position in this hand.
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    To add, both players had me covered but it's a good proportion of their stacks so it's not as if either could have taken a risk imo.
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      Hey Oval!

      I like the play. If I call, there are too many cards that they can see that crush me. If I raise, I'm pot-committed, so I either need to shove or fold and the looser the opps are, the more likely I am to shove.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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