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Opinons please

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  • Opinons please

    Hey all

    Just after a little feedback after this hand i played with bust me out of a tournament....

    Cards dealt ..... Q A suited

    3x Raise pre flop

    So flop comes down 6 Q 4

    Top pair middle position raise x3 once more and get 3 callers

    Last to call raises all in

    so i think i got a good hand to make a set and also a top kicker too to make a top 2 pair

    So i think maybe could run into aces or kings i would be in trouble

    Im short stacked so i move all in too

    He shows 10 A off cool im in a good position if he hits his ace he gets top pair i get top 2 pair, seems a fair call

    So turn and river get dealt

    6 Q 4 10 10

    Really!!! Why would he move in with A 10 off if he didn't know what was coming, thoughts please or just a super bad suck out or used his one time up

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    Hi Marca00!

    What are the stack sizes? Where are we at in the tourney (blinds, are we ITM?)??

    This information is necessary to determine what the best play is.... however, I do NOT like calling shoves with AQ.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hi thank you for the reply

      We were just coming out the early phase i would say, i had around 30BB and the opponent that took me down had around 37BB so fair even stacks really

      Not quite near ITM

      Not quite short stacked as in the tournament but the table was 40+ stacked
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        At 37BB, with a raise to 3BB and 3 callers, a standard 3-bet for this opp would be a pot-sized raise, which is to 13BB. This bet makes them pot-committed (over 1/3 of their stack)... so they have to shove if they want to play the hand. Calling a shove with AQ and 30BB... I'm NOT even close to short-stacked (this is at under 10BB), so it's an easy fold for me with AQ. With this many opps in the pot, I'm only calling with AA, KK, and maybe QQ or AK.. but I'm most likely even mucking AK. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thank you very much for the advice that is alot of help




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