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$3.30 MTT, 125/250/25 - Is my squeeze correct?

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  • $3.30 MTT, 125/250/25 - Is my squeeze correct?

    I faced a min raise from a guny who had minraised the last 5 hands, and a call from a bit of a station.

    I feel like my hand could best but want to take it down preflop ideally. I opt to raise, but do I raise too big? Should I be raising at all?

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    Hi Rob! With AJs on the button, I get a min-raise and a call here. Being in position, I've got options and squeezing is definitely one of them. My standard 3-bet sizing is to between 3X the previous bet (1500) and a pot-sized raise (2100), so I'll raise to 2100. I want the sizing of it to bet the exact same as if I had AA here. I see a HU flop where I flop top 2 pair. Normally, if the opp was deeper stacked, my standard flop bet would be 1/2 pot (2675) when checked to me. However, this definitely pot-commits the opp, so I'm just going to put them all-in now and bet 4085. If I did bet 2675, then I absolutely must call a shove and I do not want to ever bet less than 2675 here or I could be giving the opp the right odds to try to outdraw me if they have a flush draw. It was unlucky that the opp hit their 3-outer, but that's not the point.. the point is that the hand was played well and the correct decisions were made. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Wow, this is the first one I posted where I got the play correct! umbup: Obviously on the flop, my bet was never with the intention of folding if the guy goes all in. Thanks mate!!



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