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$3.30 MTT, early blinds - Am I playing to aggressively on the flop with AA?

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  • $3.30 MTT, early blinds - Am I playing to aggressively on the flop with AA? I managed to get a reasonable 4 bet called by the villain. Very early on, but this guy hadn't played a hand and I'd been quite active. Should I make a pot sized bet on the flop? If I bet smaller and get raised, should I fold? Also by the turn, am I pot committed. Thanks guys. umbup:

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    Hi Rob! Before we get to the flop, we need to look at preflop. With AA (or any other hand I'm going to open), I'm going to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With no limps, I will raise to 60. I now get 3-bet (music to my ears) and with AA, I definitely want to 4-bet. The key here is the sizing of it. A standard sizing is to between 3X the previous bet (780) and a pot-sized raise (600). I'll tend to go toward the top of the range, so I'll raise to 750. I do not want to raise to less than this range, or I can be giving the opp the right odds to try to outdraw me. I'm ahead and I want to make them have a play where they expect to lose chips to me. I have another ulterior motive here too... a raise to 750 makes it much easier to get the opp's chips in on the flop as a standard bet will pot-commit them. The flop has three undercards (go figure) and two hearts. I want to make a value bet here and the key is to make a standard bet. With 1 opp, a standard bet is 1/2 pot, so I will bet 500. I want all of my bets to be standard. Ones that are not standard will make an observant opp look twice and will be able to narrow my range to the cards that I actually have... instead of continually guessing as to what I have. The key here is to make standard bet sizes, so that it makes all of my decisions in the hand easier. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      That's something I struggle with when I have AA, KK, etc.
      Preflop, I'm not aggressive enough because I'm scared of people folding, and post flop I bet bigger because I'm scared of people calling!
      I'm seeing more that I should make it an expensive mistake for them to call preflop, and then let them commit themselves into making more mistakes.

      Thanks again!



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