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How to play this hand?

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  • How to play this hand?

    1st hand of a 6 max turbo SNG:

    Blinds 10/20

    I am UTG with AQ suited and raise to 60, SB raises to 100, I call

    Flop comes AQT rainbow, he bets 300, i flat call, turn comes a 6, he shoves, I call

    Ends up he has TT

    How should I play this hand? Thank you guys for the input!

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    Hi sng4life88!

    This is a standard cooler. They will happen over and over and there's nothing you can do about them. It's why when playing these, I want to follow good bankroll management and have 100 buy-ins in my bankroll.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hey John,

      I got another question, I forgot the blinds but if you raise on the button with QQ and the SB 3 bets you with a 3x sized bet.

      How often do you shove with QQ on the button or flat call to trap?


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        It depends on the opp, tourney, etc. I could re-raise to 3X their bet or flat and re-evaluate on the flop. The only way I'm shoving is if the bet pot-commits me. It depends.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          If you 4 bet him, and he 5 bets, im assuming if it was 10-20 and the betting went:

          raise to 60, reraise to 180, reraise to 540

          If he shoves here, are you ever folding? You have no read on this opponent (lets say 1st hand)


          • #6
            Unless I have a read saying he's a nit (or prior notes)... my chips are in the middle.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              So sb overbets the flop and u have top two pair. dude... seriously, snap 3bet shove and happy dance.
              Just forget he had TT here, it's actually very well played by him but 9/10 players would not play it like him.
              If the board were all same suited, then an overbet with his hand is very common, but rainbow flop, its very uncommon.
              Reason i say he played it very well is coz he played it like as weak as possible after he 3bet preflop.
              He knows ur UTG so ur opening range should be like top 25%, which is mostly of what this board hits. So he makes an overbet on the flop, like he wants to represent an Ax or KK or like QJ, KQ and just look stupid and make him look like a fish adn want u off the hand, coz most opponents would not think that he would do this overbet with AA,QQ or TT or KJ on a rainbow flop, so people will 3bet his overbet lighter with like AT+, KQ, QT coz they don't have fear of the AA,QQ or TT. And if u have an A already, it's even more likely u would not put him on AA. So his play is very good imo.

              Would u 3bet or bet on flop if he bets small/half/75%ofpot or checks on flop ? Probably not, probably yes, but u would flat call him most likely or 3bet smallish if he bets small, coz u fear he has AA,QQ or TT, which is a very common smallish3bet range at micros with UTG openraise vs sb3bet, right ? AK, AQ, AJ, KK, QJ, KQ are the most likely hands here with his overbet, so this would be an easy shove on flop for u.
              And well played by your opponent if he had the same thinking as me, maybe he just fear u have a J or K and plays like an idiot lol.
              Just cbetting on that dudes part is fine too as most players can't fold an A on that board unless a J or K comes. So him making that overbet tells me that he has a weaker hand than our AQ. But yea he is just one of those 10 people who makes a play like this.

              To your other question, always shove his 3bet as he is 3betting way wider in the sb from an BTN open raise than like a UTG open raise, understand ? I would play it like this, shove>flat>4betraise>fold. Flat or 4betraise as 2nd or even 1st option depends a lot of information u have from ur opponent. But against unknown i would do that line.



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