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$1.50 HU SNG - too agressive?

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  • $1.50 HU SNG - too agressive?

    Was this a too aggressive play? Villain was playing very aggressive, raising pre flop every hand, so couldn't tell if he was holding AA or 72. Decided to try and get maximum value if he was holding something like Ax or an over valued lower pair.
    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'

  • #2
    Yes too aggressive imo.

    Looks like the 1st level 10/20 your 90bb deep. A long way to go even if it's a turbo. Head's up I'm raising my button very wide not 72 but anything playable.


    • #3
      I think that all-in shove was unnecessary preflop. I would play aggressively against players who raise every hand preflop but I'd do it post-flop because it's easier to make them fold then. Obviously it wouldn't have made a big difference in this case.


      • #4
        As its early does look a tad aggro oppent has 58big blinds...I may opt to just call his 4bet or play it exactly the way you did

        his 4 bet does lookstrong however you said hes aggro and you do have the 4th best possible hand

        good question hope tolearn somehtign from this


        • #5
          I'm no HU expert, but I think my money is going in after I 3bet. Against TT+, AK, AQs we have 44% equity and with the dead money in the pot I'm going for it. Just don't take my word for it... I've posted to keep tabs on this thread


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            Sorry, marked as evaluated by mistake. Keeping it open.


            • #7
              That depends purely on your reads on that player.
              If you see them raising every hand but never 3betting, 4betting, in that case you should be folding to their 4bet, since they will have hands that dominate you most of the times.
              But if they do 3bet, 4bet often, you should be shoving way more loose than JJ+ maybe 77+, so in that case no way I am not shoving JJ.
              Overall I think going broke with JJ 600BBs deep is overaggressive and should be done rarely.


              • #8
                Easy shove for me



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