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Right or Wrong?

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  • Right or Wrong?

    2 Hours into a MTT Blinds are 1k/2k in BB got Dealt QS 9S, SB Called and 2nd under the gun called as well, I checked. Flop JS AC 10S, I raised to 4k with 65k in my bank, SB folded and other player shoved all in for 18k, after a bit of thought and presuming they were holding a ace I also called 18K after calculating my outs. Was this the right play? I am still unsure.

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    shove is right play.


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      Hi bigscottie82! The first question that I have is... were there antes? If so, how much and how many were at the table? This is necessary in order to calculate the pot odds. With Q9s from the BB, when I get two limpers, I'm more than happy to check and see a free flop. I flop an OESFD on a board with an A and with 2 opps, most likely, one of them has one. When the SB checks to me, I'm going to make a standard value bet. The standard sizing with 2 opps is 2/3 pot, here is the first instance of why I need to know the antes. If there are no antes, then I need to bet 4k. If there are antes, then I need to bet 2/3 of whatever the pot is. The next instance is when UTG+1 shoves. I need to now compare my hand equity to my pot odds to see if it's worth calling. I need to put 14k into a pot of..?????? If there were no antes, it's 14k into 34k (41.2%). I now need to see my hand equity to see if it's over this. If so, then I will call, if not, then I need to muck. I have 2 outs to a straight flush (that are definitely good outs). I have 7 more to a flush and possibly 6 more to a straight. I'm discounting matching one of my cards, as if the opp has an A, then hitting one of them won't put me ahead. This is 15 outs, but the question is.. are they clean outs. If the opp has KQ, then I lose my straight outs, so I will only have 9 outs and since I get to see both streets, each is worth 4% equity or 36%. If I put them in KQ, it's a marginal fold. If the opp has 2 pair, then 2 of my flush outs can be counterfeited, so I have 13 outs, which is worth 52%. This makes it an easy call. If the opp has Ax but not 2 pair, then I may have my straight outs counterfeited again. If so, again, it's a marginal fold. The key here is a read on the opp. If they are playing tight, then I most likely have 9 outs for 36% equity and I need to muck. If the opp is loose, then I can have 13-15 outs and enough equity to make it an easy call. With no read, I'm going to call and hope not to see KQ. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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