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sunday million, utg limp raises pre flop! good/bad fold post flop?!

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  • sunday million, utg limp raises pre flop! good/bad fold post flop?!

    Blinds 200 400 ante 40. I raise utg3 with AQo and original utg limper repops to 4x. I call and flop is Qh10h4d. Villain bets 4000, I fold. Villain unknown. Really can't make my mind up about this fold. Nitty??? in hindsight think I probably should have shoved.

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    I would have probably raised pre-flop to somewhere around 1.4k. Without any reads/stas when he re-raises after limping it really narrows his range and I would probably just fold then. When he leads out on the flop for 4k, almost a full pot size bet, then I think it's an easy fold.


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      I think your minraise preflop was a bad move, since you are giving him great odds to call with all of his range.
      I would raise to 1200-1600, but would probably fold if he'd reraised me.
      As played I don't think it's a nitty fold, since his line is really weird and looks really strong.
      But without a read on villain, there is a big possibility that he is a huge fish and that you folded the best hand.
      As played I am probably folding flop also.


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        I don't mind your preflop raise size, but maybe 2.5x would be slightly better. I think his UTG limp re-raise is pretty honest, but folding for 2 big blinds is pretty iffy. Great fold on the flop, in my estimation as you assign him a range that is monster heavy. Even if you get bluffed or semi-bluffed sometimes, that's ok, if the majority of his range has you crushed. umbup:



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