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PSO open league, KK

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  • PSO open league, KK

    Just tried playing a PSO open league tournament and I had This hand come up in the second level, I know the goal of the PSO league is to survive as long as you can, so you need to play more carefully until you get into the positive points. So I had been folding all my hands until I was UTG and I see KK, now I think if this was a normal tourney how I played it would be fine but I'm not sure if it was for a league tourney. This was only my 8th hand at this table so I had no info on the villain but the table was very loose with lots of all-in's, probably normal in a freeroll,

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    Hi luke6206! In a league game, you're right, I do need to be much more conservative, as the one and only thing that I care about is league points. With KK, regardless of what type of tourney this is, I'm going to open from UTG with a standard raise of 3BB (180). I get a flop with an underpair, straight draws and a flush draw... NOT GOOD. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. Here is where there is a difference between a league game and a cash tourney. A standard raise for 3 opps with chips left is a 3/4 pot-sized raise. In a league game, this is exactly what I'll bet (683). If someone shoves, then I'll need to fold and use the chips that I have left to last longer. If this was a cash tourney, since I'm pot-committed, I need to shove the flop. I do not want to bet less than 683, as doing so can give the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me, which I want to avoid whenever possible. The flop is a definite scare card, as it completes the OESD. As much as it pains me to do so, I need to check the turn and if the opp shoves, I need to muck to it. It's later in the month, so I will get a very large negative league number for busting and I need to avoid this if at all possible. It may not seem like many chips, but if I can outlast another thousand or two players, this can make a big difference at the end of the month in the prize that I earn. Hands like this are much easier to play in a cash tourney, as I can just shove the flop. However, in a league game, I need to be much more cautious until I get to positive points. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. TWO exceptions to this. If it's in the first 3 days of the month, where I get the lowest point penalty for losing... I'm shoving the flop like I would in a cash tourney. Or... if it's at the very end of the month, I'm checking the flop as I do not even want to risk a c-bet on this board, due to the huge point negative for busting.

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      Thanks, So you're saying I played it fine, apart from betting a bet to low on the flop, up until the turn when I should off check folded, I guess I never put 57 in their ranges, a lesson learned for the future, I put then on flush draws, I figured If anyone had a 6 or 44 they would off shoved on the flop.
      This was only my second go at the skill league and I cashed in my first go last month, I think I'll start playing it for proper from now on trying to do my best in the league over the month hopefully one day I'll be able to get in the price pool.
      I think If you're playing a league tourney you really don't went to get any good starting hands until your in to the positive points.



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