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Lost in the game...

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  • Lost in the game...

    It's been a while since i posted on this forum but whenever i am in doubt i always come back here no matter what becouse this is the place i started from . I started playing online poker a bit over a year ago, mtt's mostly sit and go's 45 and 90 man's and from 0.25 stakes up to 2.50$, i built my bankroll from zero like some of people on this forum, i was very careful with all aspects of game and always tryed to be better at my game by learning as much as could from videos, books, any kind of information i could get my hands on.I consider myself a good poker player ...but lately i am like lost in the game.

    I mean lost in the way that i am stuck on the same level of play i can't move up even if i try to change my style of play from tight to loose, i know that i make the best decisions even if i lose the hand but even then it's getting frustrating, when i change gears the players around me seem to have always and edge a step ahead me, even if i know that i have the best hand i always lose, i can't call this a downswing becouse in the end of the day i just break even the bad part is that it happens almost every day, i hit a wall and i can't seem to understand the game anymore i just feel that i am missing something very important and i can't find out what it is.

    If some of you players understand my despair then you are more then welcome to intervene on this post. Kind regards RomeWu

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    I think I kind of understand here

    as you buil tup form nothing lets say you have a $100 bankroll............wellto everyone else its obv $100 bu tdo you think its worth more and overvalue it a si tprobably took a while to get you dont want to lose it?

    Other question is(and so sorry im answerign your questions with questions which i hat eif anyone does that to me ) is it jut a simple fact you need ot learn more?

    Learning is diffciult but if you cant learn from books try videos or vice versa

    Some people say play a lot o fdifferent games and multitable......I recommend 1 tabling and sticking to th esam egame within bankroll maangement constarints

    If when you lose post hand in han danalysis forum people are always there willing to help(I know thi sa sa fcat as they have helped no expert butI feel i am slowly improving)

    No shame i guess in playingthe freerols again and building back up...even thogh i despise turbos the 10c 360 man are very profitable

    I also recommend live training especially the MTT you play the hand....Dave gos reallll slowwhich some people hate but I personally like it as he goes into detail

    Im pretty sure if you try all thes esuggestions at least 2 of them wil help you out

    good luck



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      Hi RomeWu!

      Do you ever go to the PSO Live Training Sessions? The game is constantly evolving and becoming tough to beat. Making steady progress and moving up the stakes is hard, especially if you're getting cold-decked. When I'm going through a downswing, I tend to do pley less and study more, and the PSO training sessions are my favourite way of both learning new things, and reinforcing ideas that I'm not sure about. I'd love to see you participating in training if you've not been before.

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        Thank you very much for your advice guys, it's been really helpful i guess sometimes is just very hard to handle a downswing but like you said it's best to remember the basics and stick to ep back and good bankroll management and just take a step back and review your mistakes.

        Kind regards.



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