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Thanx for the slowroll you didnt tilt me

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  • Thanx for the slowroll you didnt tilt me

    Hi Bad run finally over ...or is it ? Managed to finally cash in Chris chewme1 great promo I dont play much volume so its not liek im picking out bad beats I think I played this perfectly right? And he didnt have righ t odds to cal my raise right ? Reads its a 25c 45 man SNG non turbo VP:55 PFR:40 AF:4.0 W:44|75 STL:50| 3B:0|0 CB:50|0 Hands:20 Thought it be nice (if indeed i played it correct) to have one where i can get it straight in my head Thank you as ever all advice/thoughts welcomed

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    Hi rolo,

    V3 certainly does not have a good price to call you, which I'm sure you know the math so you can check this yourself. It doesn't matter, a villain in a .25c buy in game who is playing 55/40 is not a candidate to understand odds and price. He simply has a hand he likes and wants to see a flop, so he calls.

    Your preflop 3b is good against this villain. It does leave a bit of an awkward post flop stack, 825 in the pot with 1127 behind... I would probably either c-bet small, like 400 (calling a shove) to entice all the small pairs that didn't hit a set to continue. If called, then shvoe the turn. The all in for more than a pot sized bet may allow him to get away from 33-88. Then again with the limited read you have of this guy being a crazy action player, he may just fall into the "I put you on AK, I call" category anyway. Still, if we c-bet 400 I don't think he's capable of folding a pair for that amount, then the turn we'll be shoving 727 into 1625, another price he can't refuse, so we're more likely to double through hands like 44 this way.
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      ty ty Sir Dave

      so bit of a cooler

      but nice you gave me 2 options to think about for the future

      the very next game same villain was in and again (wont say where he was from) at my table guy trapped him and he soon busted but i think he won the first game well was chip leader after busting me

      Thanks for the advice much appreciated




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