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AK against 89

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  • AK against 89

    Can you tell me something about this hand, did I play it well or did I do something wrong? Play money tournament.

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    I'm not a trainer, but as far as I can tell your only mistake was flatting the short-stacked shove instead of shoving to isolate. The big stack was making terrible calls the whole way and got rewarded for it, but oh well. I think you played it okay. You just got unlucky.

    EDIT: Sorry, I just checked it again. I noticed your bet-sizing for the flop and turn, ESPECIALLY the flop, was way too small. If you were betting that small, you would be giving him the odds to call with any draw. Of course, he had worse than that on the flop, and 15 outs on the turn.
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      I'm not a trainer either.

      This hand is so good to help us with with side pots.

      Do we actually want to create one? A polite check down and a river value/bluff bet has a minimal impact in a larger field tournament.

      Though in a stt creating a side pot 2-way with the main pot in question vs the all-in I don't know what to do with bet sizing.
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        fine question and i have 2 different answers so im unsure as well...I give you th eanswe rout of the 2 i thinkis right and when an expert comes along we can all learn

        note in play money they dont fold but i try to use the maths as f it was real $

        we have no reads so dont know whatthe payouts are but if thsi is MTT ...

        i like yoru openign raise

        when one flat calls with big stack i prefer to shove allin over the allin player as pot=2000 and thatwill increase our stack by 33% or 1/3rd

        our equity (chances/share probability that we win hand goes down against 2 players as theres 4 othe rcard sagainst our 2 and I would only trap with AA /KK and QQ (probably)

        As played you could check i down i guess butthis looks too weak so i personally woudl bet but at least half the pot and i doubt im ever folding also(try to have aplan on the hand)not easy i know it somethign im trying tolearn

        hope thsi helps a little or a lot

        ps if i look at outcome I give a different answer as im too results orientatedand i suspect you are too so just try to mak eth ebest decisions at the time based on what you know/hand/stacks/ he tight or loose etc oh and odds.and remeber AA v 22 i suppose d to lose 1 out of 5 tiems

        rolo ps unlucky yeah they cant fodl they chase all the way so onriver he has say 18% chance to win ish...yet if you shove allin if he calsed (which i doubt) he woul dhave lot less i can get pokerstove and analyse it..i do it goo dpractice

        preflop your 61% hes 39% (ignoring th eother allin guy)

        on that particular flop your wow your a 92% favourite he has 8% equity

        and on that 7c turn your 68% favourite hes got 32% chance or about 1 in 3

        ohanothe rthing is we woudnt know his exact hand so you have to give him a whole range o fhands(soemthign i keep forgetting and which as a learner like me i find it very very difficult) hop ei do do some of it subconsciously for example he called an early open riase with a big stack so he coudl have 88+ AJo + ish or suited connector a su go along in the hand by theriver you narrow down his range best you can
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          Hi martina1440! With AKo (or any other hand that I'm going to play), I'm going to make a standard opening raise, which for this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper and due to this, I will raise to 450. I then get a call from villain 1, and a call from villain 6. I'm going to re-raise in order to try to isolate the shorter stack. A standard 4-bet size is to between 3X the previous bet and a pot-sized raise. However, this is over 1/3 of my stack, which makes me pot-committed. Due to this, I'm going to shove here to try and isolate the short stack. If I saw the flop with chips (which I would not because I'd be all in pre), when I see that I flop top pair/top kicker, I need to make a standard value bet. With one opp in the pot with chips left, I need to bet 1/2 pot. Once again, this pot-commits me, so I would need to shove. The reason that I want to size the bets this way is that I want to give any opp that is drawing to bet me, the wrong odds to draw. If I bet too little, then the opp can get the right odds and if I do so and they do outdraw me, then it's my own fault that I lose the hand. HERE is a link to a blog that I wrote on the subject, that gives how much I need to bet based on the number of opps and the board texture. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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            Just so its crystal clear to me John when you say 3 times mean 3 tiems his 1075 ?

            Thank You


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              Originally posted by rolo834 View Post
              Just so its crystal clear to me John when you say 3 times mean 3 tiems his 1075 ?

              Thank You

              Yes, 3 times their bet of 1075.

              John (JWK24)

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                aww ty ty Sir i thought so

                good luck in your games



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