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AKo - post flop

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  • AKo - post flop

    Interested in some other peoples views in the line I took and if bluffing the river is good. Villain stats 29/16 costeal 67% af 2.5
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    I don't like bluffing river there. Bet OTR doesn't make a sense after checking IP OTT. I prefer raise donk bet OTF, but you had perfect opportunity to bet OTT and make him fold some small PP. I see his hand range as something like 55-88, and some draws OTF. You beat his draws OTR and loose to small pp and I don't think he would fold any pp OTR.


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      Hi DonkeyJez! With AKo on the button, with a loose opp having raised, I'm going to 3-bet this preflop. The key here is the sizing of it. I need to raise to between 3X the previous bet and a pot-sized raise (if the pot sized raise is larger). I will raise to 27k and I don't want to raise to less than this or I can be giving the opp the correct odds to call me with a good portion of their 16% PFR range. By raising to 21k, the opp only needs to call 12k into a pot of 49875, so they only need 24% hand equity to call.... which is basically their entire range. I want them to have to make a -EV play here and the small raise gives them a +EV play. The flop misses me (minus a gutshot and a backdoor flush) and the opp now leads into me for 18k. I need to call 18k into a pot of 67875 (26.5%). From pokerstove, my hand has 45% equity against their range with this flop, so I'm priced in and will call the bet. The turn is a blank and when the opp checks, I'm more than happy to check behind and see a free river card. The river is another blank and the opp checks again. I'm going to check behind and go to showdown here. I can beat all of the opp's bluffs, but cannot beat a pair. With the way the hand played out, I shouldn't have a pair (or would have raised the flop or bet the turn), so I don't want to bet the river here, because it will look exactly like what it is... a bluff. 88 would muck to the flop bet and a pair would bet the turn... so there is nothing logical that I can represent with a bet here and due to this, I need to check it down. If the button bets the river and I'm the opp, I'm snap-calling with any pair or better, as the betting line for a river bet makes absolutely no sense and when a bet doesn't make sense, it's normally a bluff. When playing a hand, I want all of the bets that I make throughout the hand to tell an even, consistent story and a bet on the river here does not do that. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        I've seen that kind of action before: preflop 3-bet, call on the flop, check-check on the turn, check-bet on the river. Not a bluff but QQ. I agree the 3-bet is kind of small but if you really want action then why not. If you flop a set and feel greedy, you might just want to call the bet, and then check the turn even though you might be giving them free cards, and expect a bet on the river. Well there's no bet on the river from the villain so you have to bet, being confident that you're way ahead. Make it look like a bluff and you might get a call because that kind of betting doesn't seem to make sense to everyone. It is risky play but I've seen worse.

        Now the problem is that if you represent QQ (or JJ) here, would they actually get it and fold their AJ or 77? Well I wouldn't be surprised to see another AK there either as loose players get them too.



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