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AK!! 90man SNG too many blinds to shove?

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  • AK!! 90man SNG too many blinds to shove?

    I cannot seem to win with AK for the life of me :/

    I had 16 blinds and shoved against another big stack..ran into pocket kings.
    Bad luck or should have tried to play post and fold?

    Also at these 25cents tournies, a lot of people with shove with AK with 20 -50 bigs. Is that crazy play? Or its ok at these stakes and as you move up, you play differently?

    Hope you can help with my AK struggles !

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    Hi TFFFGB! With AKs in the SB, it folds to me. I'm going to make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper, so I will raise to 625. If the opp raises, I will most likely call, but that will depend on my read of them. If they are extremely tight, I can muck here, as I still have a very playable stack. If the opp is loose, then I'm absolutely going with AK here. I normally don't like shoving this many BB, as it will more often than not, get me called by only better hands and get the worse ones to fold. I played these tourneys before black friday (when the US players could play) and although it was over a smaller sample size, did very well in them. When I played them, the only time I'm shoving here is if my bet would pot-commit me (have over 1/3 of my chips into the pot). I don't need to force things in these games when I have chips. The opps will most likely make a mistake during the tourney, so be patient and then take advantage of them. Reads will play into my decision here, so having a read on the opp is necessary. I should have by this point in the tourney, unless I have no history with them and just got moved to the table. With very tight opps, I'd raise, then muck to a shove. With looser opps, I'll standard raise and plan on calling a shove. With no read, I'm leaning more toward the open/call a shove. Players that shove too many BB with AK will end up getting themselves value-owned in these and it's a play that I want to avoid, as it's not a winning play long term. I'll either win a blind or go bust, so on average, I will lose chips by doing it. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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      KK v AJ with 30 bigs all in pre

      Hi thanks for helping me with my previous hand! I have a qu about this hand.

      I keep playing these 90man SNGs and getting really really really deep and busting 13/15/14/16 etc. Its so frustrating! i know Im doing something wrong and i think its the risks that Im taking. I have a lot of bigs and then lose it to a coin flip:

      Yet - wouldnt I have the odds to call? If they person is trying to 'scare me off' my odds here are better than his right? Wouldnt it be too nitty to NOT call?

      And with this hand...early on pocket kings -
      I probably should have folded when he reraised right?

      Thanks for your help - really really want to improve!


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        Hi TFFFGB!

        the key with both of these is bet sizing.. the preflop bets are way too small.

        In the first one, when the opp raises to 500, my raise needs to be to at least 3X their bet (1500) or up to a pot-sized bet if that is even larger (which here it is not). Then, on the flop, my normal bet would be a standard 1/2 pot, BUT, due to the standard preflop raise, the opp will be pot-committed from this, so I'll shove the flop.
        By betting smaller, when the opp shoves on a flop with a pair, I need to muck here. Since I can't beat an 8, even though I have KK, I need to muck.

        Same thing in the 2nd one. Preflop, I need to raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper and not to less (120).
        Then, on the flop, I once again, want to make a standard bet, which against 1 opp is 1/2 pot.
        When the board pairs on the turn, I need to make another 1/2 pot value bet... BUT.. when the opp raises me, I need to fold. I can't beat a J, so I have to fold.

        The keys here are standard bets and to muck when I'm most likely beat.

        John (JWK24)

        P.S. In the future, it makes for a better thread and a better conversation if you post one hand per thread. That way the threads can stay on topic.

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          With two spades on the flop, and his flat call pre-flop, I would've checked behind on the turn as this "screams" top pair IMO.
          So by him checking the turn when another jack hits he is actually giving you a chance to get away from this hand.
          The spade flush draw, the two jacks, the way the hand was played from the start etc. and this being a knockout tournament also, makes this fold so much easier.

          Also the levels are 15 minutes, you still have 47 BB if you fold to any river bet. And that's a lot of poker still to be played.

          I would have definitely check folded after that 2nd jack hit on the turn.

          Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.
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