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PSO Open Skill League - AA on the BB against 3 limps - did I play it right?

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  • PSO Open Skill League - AA on the BB against 3 limps - did I play it right?

    Hi everyone. It's the first time I post a hand for your opinion, so if something is missing please ask. Open Skill League tournament, first hour, AA on the BB. Lucky me? I was around 20BB so definitelly not in push/fold preflop mode this time, also first hour isn't yet +points for leaderboard for me. My image on the table was tight and quite passive I believe, considering not many hands played and folding on the flop/turn if got there checking from BB. Not much to say about opponents, but they raised/called much more % of hands then me. Villain_4 isn't registered PSO player, so he did not risk any points, vilain_7 is a PSO player. Yet I wonder if I could do something better after I raised preflop 3BB+1BB for each limp... EDIT: Oh. In fact i rised 2BB+1 per each, considering I already was on BB. I know I was at least 3:1, closer to 4:1 or more on average against anything except 33, 99 or QQ with that flop, quesion is how should I use this fact. 1) What better could I do, shove AA preflop (not ITM yet so not really want to risk being busted, at least not before I see dry flop)? 2) Was bigstack's play reasonable with bottom pair and low kicker, facing over 50% of the pot shove from the preflop riser? 3) Can I assume that I played it right and this was just the one I lost, where other 4 times I will win? Any advices on how to play better in this kind of multi-limp and multihand AA situation will be apreciated. I'm not very experienced player, just learning, so I ask you to not laugh too loud if the questions are silly
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    Hi Blondyna1410! With AA in the BB (or from any other position), I'm going to make a standard raise and for this blind level, it's to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. With 3 limps, I will raise to 5.5BB or 1100. I start with #BB+1BB for each limper, lower it to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper at 100/200, then lower again to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper at 1k/2k. 1) I'm definitely not shoving preflop here, as if I lose, I'm getting negative points (and a higher negative since it's the end of the month). Also, my bet does not pot-commit me. The flop is a good one for me (at least there are no combo draws). I'm going to make a standard value bet and with 2 opps, the standard sizing is 2/3 pot.... BUT... this is more than my stack, so I'm shoving the flop. The hand that I'm worried about the most is not a set, it's Q9. 2) the opp has to call 2615 into a pot of 9290 (28%). They should be assuming they're behind and if so, they have 6 outs to improve. From the rule of 4 and 2, each out is worth 4%, so their hand is worth 24%. This means that they have a -EV call and will lose 4% of their chips on average... and should fold. 3) Not sure where your 4 out of 5 comes from, as it's way too high against 2 opps. With one opp being a PSO member, if they're not a maniac, they should be playing a top 5-10% hand. The other opp is going to be much wider, so I'll use a 70% range, which is where 34s is added. When I put these ranges into pokerstove, AA will only win here about 70% of the time. The more opps that are in the pot, the worse AA will play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thank you very much for reply. 1) O.K. that assures me about the way I bet it. 2) That confirms my one unwritten concern - my stack was too low to bet much above their EV+ level for that pot, making the situation more risky for my hand at that point. 3) Of course you are right. It's nowhere close to 4:1. I will keep all of that in mind, thanks umbup:



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