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50 cent multi-table sng grinders on here?

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  • 50 cent multi-table sng grinders on here?

    I was considering focusing on / grinding the 50 cent 45s and 90s. The large rake (percentage wise) was a factor deterring me from doing so. The buy-in was (until very recently) .41 + .09, a nearly 20% rake. However, the games are a much more reasonable .45 + .5 now. With my $100 bankroll I have 200 buy-ins... it's grind time! Anyone else on here focusing on these games? I would like to start a little "study group" to discuss strategy etc. Or maybe there is already something like this I could join? umbup:

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    Hey, I started grind these 45 man sngs 2 months ago and tbh it is going well for me.

    So, I would like to discuss about these with others.


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      I had a 35% ROI in 500 when I played them, I started 10 tables at a time but played them out until they were all finished. This meant when I reached the final tables I only had 3 or 4 tables remaining and I could give them a lot more concentration.

      I use a HUD (which is essential) and I stacked. My HUD was very simple, just VPiP, PFR, 3 Bet, Agg, Steal and fold to steal but I've since increased those stats.

      I might have another blast later.
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        Iv got a 33% roi in 50c 90s mans and 38% roi in $1 90 mans With a $100 bankroll I'd suggest going straight for $1 90s, the players are better than at the 50c level which i found to make the games easier to play and beat. I made a nice guide to 90 man turbos in my blog you might like to have a read. Hope you manage to beat these games and build a nice bankroll. Have fun on tables DDumbup:


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          Nice blog, have been thinking about grinding the $1 90 man sng's, your block was very helpful in helping me to give it a go. My BR is $50 for this so lets give it a go and see what happens. Again nice blog, thanks .
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            Hello kykkylik

            Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline!

            I see this is your first post.

            Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have.

            You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club. Information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there!


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              I'm definitely not a grinder but the 50c 45 Turbos are my game of choice atm.

              I would agree with Donkin that with $100 you might be better off with the $1 90 Turbos, so long as you set yourself a limit as to when to drop back down. But go with whatever you feel comfortable with I guess.

              With $100 I was playing a mixture of $1 90 Turbos and $1.50 45 Turbos, which was probably a bit too aggressive. It didn't take long for a run bad/play bad combo to whittle me down to $50, so now I am playing the 50c games. I think with 100 buy-ins at these games there would have to be something severely wrong with my game, and not just variance, for me to go busto.

              Strategy wise I think DrDonkin's blog is excellent, but it would also be cool to discuss with others people who have done well in these games.

              @Ovalman, how essential do you think a HUD is in beating these games?


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                I played a basic tight aggressive game but a HUD gives you so much more information that you could probably notice if you one tabled but not 10.

                A HUD hasn't massively improved my game but it has enabled me to play more tables with a very little reduction in ROI. I only used the 6 stats mentioned and it was all I needed.

                There are many reg's that play these but most at 50c are break even at best. Some regs are rocks who shove premiums - just steal their blinds and avoid their shoves (because their always strong), some steal every blind, just defend more and re-steal while some shove every hand when they've 10 blinds or less, just loosen your calling range etc. Play the player. Identify the reg's and pick apart their game. The regs are the ones you will play the most. Work out the good and bad ones.

                I'd still beat these games without a HUD, just take notes and use the colour coding to tag players for instance. A HUD will enable you to play more tables but make sure your game is pretty decent anyway because any mistakes you make at one table will just be multiplied over many.
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                  Thanks a lot for the input guys. I will be investing in a HUD soon. I am trying to stay strictly to the $.50 45's, 90's and occasionally 360's. As I improve and increase my ROI I will be moving up in stakes and playing with a more conventional 100 buy-in "rule".
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                    I've been introduced to 90man SNG's recently and winning 1/6 so far.
                    I quite prefer them over Turbo's at least right now as I learn the game.

                    Doc's tips are spot on, have fun at the 90s.




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