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FT of $0.25 45man SNG - AK suited, how badly did I place this??

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  • FT of $0.25 45man SNG - AK suited, how badly did I place this??

    I kind of feel like I played this hand appallingly and got really lucky. Could one of the hand analysers have a look at this and give me a telling off?

    Villain has shown he has been tight, with generally good starting hands.


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    You've got lucky right, but only mistake I see is pre-flop 3 bet size . as for me 2000 would be fine , because of limper in the pot. OTF pot is opponent's stack size and half of your stack and after cbet I wouldn't fold too . even with 6 outs. the one who played it bad was your opponent, he called 3 bet OOP with AKo,instead of fold or shove, that call commits him to pot and check shoved without fold equity. Maybe not to cbet OTF would be better? because he is pot commited . Just, I don't like give up 3bet pots without fighting
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      I don't think you played it that badly but I too would make the 3-bet smaller, maybe around double (1600) the first raise. That would be enough to make the limper fold. Then I might just want to shove on the flop because there would be some fold equity there, but then again, a shove would look like you missed the flop and their AK would be good to call with. So I think you betting half the pot on the flop was fine.

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        Hi Rob! With AKs on the button, I get a limp, then a raise to 739. I'm going to 3-bet here and I'll use a standard 3-bet sizing (between 3X the previous bet and a pot-sized raise), so I will raise to 2200. The flop totally misses me and the opp now checks. With this being a tight opp, they should either have two high cards (that probably missed) or a pair. I'm going to make a c-bet here and I'm going to size it at 5277. A standard c-bet (1/2 pot) makes the opp pot committed (whether they know it or not), so instead of having to call a shove by them if I bet less, I'm just going to go ahead and put them all-in and put the pressure to call on them. I'm in a 50-50 coin flip against the opp's range from pokerstove (using a 10% range for the opp since they're listed as tight) and with the chips already in the pot, I will have nowhere near 50% pot equity, so putting the opp all-in is a +EV play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          So the kind of shape and structure of how it played it out is pretty close, I just need to control the size of my preflop 3 bent a little better, and put a little more pressure on post flop.

          It's weird how you do some stuff and you have no idea why you did it, but something in the back of your head says it's a +EV play.

          As ever, thanks everyone!



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