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3rd hand 180 SNG 3.50$: Call small UTG shove with T9o from BB?

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  • 3rd hand 180 SNG 3.50$: Call small UTG shove with T9o from BB?

    and the 3rd one. Villain ist UTG but with his 5 BB he is shoving pretty wide imo, only 3 hands on villain so no reads. We need to call 3600 more to win a total pot of 9200, so we need 3600/9200 = 37% equity here. I just plugged it into equilab and guessed this range for him: 22+,A2s+,K5s+,Q8s+,J9s+,T9s,98s,A5o+,K9o+,QTo+,JTo if the range is correct we have 36.50 % equity so its pretty much brake even and it does not matter if we call or fold. You agree, or is my range off or do i miss something else in my reasoning?

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    Even if the villains range is bigger, I would find it hard to call for nearly half my remaining stack with just 10 high. Firstly most of the time you are probably going to lose, and secondly once you are seen calling with 910o, the table might give you less respect, making it harder to steal!


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      Hey almigthybald

      I think the range you have for our villain is spot on and I would prefer to fold this spot and the reason why I would prefer a fold is because we will still have a semi decent amount of fold equity left, where as if we call the shove and lose we have just 5 big blinds so we are essentially kissing our fold equity goodbye and we will more than likely have to double up through somebody to stay alive ( this isn't always the case but this is the most likely scenario ).

      Ultimately I think it's a relatively close one but I would opt to fold, we can apply a lot more pressure with 10 big blinds than we can with only 5 ( assuming we called and lost ).and we will naturally have more fold equity with 10 big blinds rather than 5.

      Cheers, Chris.



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