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$0.25 45man NLHE / Flopped a set, should I be betting more on the flop?

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  • $0.25 45man NLHE / Flopped a set, should I be betting more on the flop?

    The nature of this table is that everyone seemed to be limping with all sorts of hands, very very passively (J6, Q10, A10, etc.) to the point where I was ready to switch gears and start raising a little lighter.

    I woke up with 66 in the small blind, so was happy to limp in cheap and hopefully hit a set which I did, with 4 other people in the pot.

    With 2 spades on the board, I do want to thin the opposition, but I still want to keep in any pairs, etc.

    I ended up betting 350 into a 500 pot. Should I be betting more here?

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    Hi Rob! I think instead of looking at just one bet, the key with this hand is the entire sequence of bets. When playing a hand, I want to make all of my bets be standard and to tell a consistent story. Hands where the bets don't tell a consistent story make observant opps take a 2nd look, when they don't seem right. With 66 in the SB, when the rest of the table limps, I'm going to complete and setmine, since the stacks are deep enough. I see a 5-way flop where I hit middle set. When it checks to me, I want to make a standard value bet. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With 4 opps in the hand, a standard bet sizing is a pot-sized bet, so I will bet 500. I don't want to bet less than this, as if I do so, I could be giving the opps the correct odds to draw to a flush or straight. I see a turn card that hopefully does not help the opp (57 would be the only expected combination of cards that it should have helped). Being first to act now, I want to make another standard value bet and against one opp, this amount is 1/2 pot, so I will bet 600. The way the hand played out, IMO, the bet pattern doesn't stay consistent. Preflop, the complete says weak hand. On the flop, the lower than standard bet once again says weakness. But, on the turn, the large overbet says strength... but I really shouldn't be in the hand with anything that the turn would make into a strong hand. When opps see a line that doesn't make sense, it's normally either a bluff or a slowplayed monster and if they're smart enough to distinguish between the two, I will lose a good bit of value in my hands. By keeping my bets standard, the opps continually get a consistent story, which helps to conceal the strength of my hand (they won't know whether I have a set, one pair, two pair, etc or even air). They'll be continually guessing, so I can get more value from my hands. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      You guys are gonna make me rich beyond my wildest dreams!
      Thanks John!



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