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Out first hand of the PSO League Freeroll, but would you do anything different?

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  • Out first hand of the PSO League Freeroll, but would you do anything different?

    I am dealt AKo as my first hand of the freeroll, and know full well if I go all in I am getting called by worse pretty much every time.

    The problem is, I am usually getting called by 2, 3, even 4 or 5 people. With this is mind, should I just do a smaller raise preflop, or even do something unorthodox like a limp?

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    In this situation, I raise AK or 2.5x and fold to shove
    If I see flop and miss I fold to any non-min raise

    I might call a shove with AA,KK but not much more.

    later in, I loosen my shove range a bit

    I see some players limp early with even AA, but I am not sure it is good play


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      It's too early to go broke with AK.
      If blinds are higher like 75/150 it's a reasonable shove.


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        But my point is, I am going to have the best hand preflop pretty much everytime here. In the actual hand I was called by QJ, A2 and K10, and I suspect this would be the case 99% of the time.

        With this is mind, surely I want to be going allin, knowing I am going to be called light?

        Note this is only a strategy for THIS freeroll, if it was a buyin tournament I would do the standard thing.


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          Yeah you are right, but even if you are against those specific hands, you only win 35% of the times.
          Because the Open League tournament is so soft I would fold and wait for a better spot.


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            It depends on why you are playing the tourney. ARE you there for the money in the tourney or for points.

            I play them for the points for the monthly leader board. Until we are much deeper I fold everything except AA and KK .By everything I mean QQ-- JJ--AK suited.

            but if your there for the tourney money AK is an ALL IN hoping to hold or better your hand for a big jump on the rest of the field.
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              Cool, thanks guys


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                Hi Rob! With AKo and a limp in front, I'm going to make a standard raise to 3BB=1BB for each limper, so I will raise to 160. I do not want to bet more nor less than this, as I want to keep all of my bets/raises standard in order to help conceal the strength of my hand. Players that bet more with better hands and less with worse ones are basically turning their cards face-up to an observant opponent. A shove here is something that I would not even remotely consider and I'm not calling a shove either and here's why.... In league games, there is one goal. It's to last as long as possible to get as many league points for the end of the month leaderboard as possible. That's it. Early exits earn a very large negative league point value and these have to be avoided at ALL costs. Early in these tourneys, I only want to be all-in with a hand where I'm certain to be ahead after all 5 cards are on the board. I will not play anything that is an unmade hand, nor anything marginal. The other problem here is that by over-betting, I'd be value owning myself with AK. This means that anything worse will fold and anything better will call... the exact opposite of what I want to have happen. The bottom line here is to NEVER be all-in, in a league game without a made hand early. Make standard bets and to never be all-in unless I have an ultra premium hand (AA, KK and maybe QQ) unless all 5 cards are shown and I know I have the best hand. Chances in these are never worth the risk, especially early in the tourney or later in the month. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. Even in a cash tourney, I'd never shove here. I'd raise to 160 and fold to a shove by someone else.

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                  I just need to shake that "if I can't beat them, join them!" mentality :p

                  Cheers John, and kudos on a thoroughly enjoyable bit of blogging recently.


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                    Hi Rob,

                    John's given you a great answer, as usual. One thing I would add is that, in tournaments, there's a concept that many players have difficult grasping, and that is "Chips you win are not worth as much as chips you lose". While it would certainly be nice to get a double up (or more) on the first hand, building a big stack early on does not guarantee you'll go deep. (The chip leader on day 3 of the WSOP ME has never made it to the final table, for example). If you lose your stack early on, then that's it! Any chance of going deep is obliterated. You lose 100% of your chance to make the money. In short, winning a race only increases your overall chances by a small amount, but losing a race reduces it completely. This concept is magnified in league games, where survival is much more important than chip accumulation. Many OSL regulars will fold 100% of hands for the first 3 or 4 blind levels. By folding for 15 minutes, you'll outlast several thousand players! It's only later in the game - when the blinds are "meaningful" - that you can get aggressive. Early on in tourneys - especially league games - play very tight, to give yourself the best chance of scoring positive points.

                    Hope this helps!

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                      *dusts off his nit cap*


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                        Originally posted by Rob Sharona View Post
                        But my point is, I am going to have the best hand preflop pretty much everytime here. In the actual hand I was called by QJ, A2 and K10, and I suspect this would be the case 99% of the time.

                        This is way too optimistic imo... people will get dealt pocket pairs more than 1% of the time. Obviously the players that make these types of horrible call offs also call off with their pairs. If the QJ guy had 88 instead, now you're behind, with 1 K and 1 A dead in other hands. Now your spot isn't as good as you thought. I would actually be willing to go broke on hand 1 in an open league freeroll, but I need a much, much larger equity edge to assume that risk in a league that places such a huge premium scoring wise just surviving to the money. If you're not competing for the monthly prize pool, then you can stack off a bit wider on hand 1 and if you bust it's not big deal, but still think shoving here is too optimistic. I prefer a standard raise and go from there.
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