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NLHE STT, Hole - TT, Flopped Set | Did I Do Anything Wrong?

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  • NLHE STT, Hole - TT, Flopped Set | Did I Do Anything Wrong?

    I just want to know if I should have played differently than I did. I feel like I got a little tunnel vision and only focused on the fact that I flopped a set and didn't notice the potential straight. Would it have mattered, given the amount of chips I had already put into the pot? I'm looking at it now and thinking "maybe I should not have played that hand in that position so early in the tournament?" I feel like I had enough chips to raise 4BB. Villain_2 is relatively unknown, other than the fact that I've seen him go in with 7-2 offsuit and other baddish hands and consistently gotten lucky.

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    Raise 4 x from early position and get four callers that sucks, but there is obviously nothing you can do about that. If you had made it 3 x then it's not like some of those flat callers would not have come in. When you flop top set then that = fist pump, so happy I made it 4 x, how do I get all the money in asap to me, lol. The flop is super dry though so I would be worried that I wouldn't get action. You did get action which I think is great. The guy even called off almost half of his stack on the turn when he was drawing to four cards. I guess he could have thought that a K was an out, but that still only gives him 7 outs to the river. It would have been nice to get it all in on the turn somehow. Once the pot is 2400 and you only have 600 left then I would never be folding in this situation regardless of the possible straight out there. If for some reason you checked to the guy on the river and then he goes all in are you folding? I wouldn't be.

    In short I don't think you did anything wrong

    Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth.
    Last edited by Tyirl; Thu Sep 19, 2013, 02:23 AM.


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      Yes, I notice I put half my chips in on the turn, so I should have pushed instead. I was a little worried that he wouldn't call If I did, though. Now I wish I had so he might have folded. :P


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        Hi Eastan

        Yes nothing wrong with this. Probably don't need to make it a 4x open but from utg you could from a positional stance. The result doesn't change betting into a station but my bet size would be a bigger on the flop 60%-70% to push the turn. Top set we have value against draws. Unfortunately this is just the way it turns out sometimes.


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          That's not exactly what I mean about the turn Eastan.

          I think it's fine to bet 600 on the turn, or maybe like 400 or 500 to make him think he could shove and have fold equity (not that the seat 2 guy was actually thinking). You want a call or shove from him because it's pure value for you. You don't want him to fold, and he may have folded to a shove on the turn from you because you still had a little more than the pot size in your stack. The only hand on the turn that is beating you is if he was holding QQ which is incredibly unlikely. The best possible draw he could have on the turn is if he is holding KJ of diamonds, and even if he has that then you are still a 70% favorite to win. With his actual holding he only had a 9% chance to win.

          If you had made it 400 instead of 300 on the flop then you could just shove on the turn after one caller, but with the dry board and so many people in the hand still on the flop plus you holding the nuts 300 seems fine to me because you want someone to give you action and you don't know if more than one person might call. If two people call 300 on the flop then you can just shove the turn if you want, but I still don't know if that would be a good shove because you still want action instead of scaring people away.

          In other words I think how you played it is fine. Sometimes the cards just run out wrong. This guy should have been done with the hand either on the flop or on the turn (or pre-flop), but he just got really lucky.

          Edit: By the way, he only had 3.28% chance to win on the flop before the turn was dealt ... heh.
          Last edited by Tyirl; Thu Sep 19, 2013, 08:08 AM.


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            Hi TheEastan

            I'd make it 3x pre, when we 4x it we are likely to scare off some weak hands that would of called a 3x raise.

            As played I like your bet sizing post flop. The board is very dry so I may even bet a little less than you did to entice some action but your bet sizing is good. On the turn we have 2 options, we can either shove our pot sized stack or we can again bet half the pot or maybe like 400 and shove any river card. I would expect villain to show medium pairs or 10x which is unlikely though because we have 2 of them. The turn card shouldn't scare us much, the chances that villain called our continuation bet with hands that can make a straight/flush draw on the turn are extremely thin and it just so happens that villain got very lucky to hit the two running cards he needed. The fact that your decent sized continuation bet got called by K9 high is rather peculiar, I sure hope I bump into this villain at one of my tables

            I like the way you played it.
            Nice hand and better luck next time! Cheers, Chris.


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              Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'll need to pay more attention to the cards on the table in the future. I'm still not used to judging whether it's a dry or wet board.



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