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Could do with some help

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  • Could do with some help

    Hi I was wondering if someone could have a look at these 2 hands. I have been getting very frustrated with how my games are going but can’t really tell if I’m playing bad or just have bad luck. These are the 2 hands that knocked me out of the last league game I played in a lot earlier than I wanted On this one should I have folded? And then my last hand was I just unlucky the he hit the strait? Should I have gone all in on the pre flop? Thanks for all the help

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    Hand 2 JJ was unlucky with the result but with your stack size you should just push all in pre-flop.

    Hand 1 88 pre-flop was fine. Why are you betting there? That Ace almost certainly hit somebody there and i want to finish as high up as possible. If i was to bet here i would bet between 1/2 to 3/4 of pot size and fold if I'm re-raised.

    Are these Open League games? they can be very loose and not typical of games elsewhere. You can find some good small MTTs in the PSO homegames club both small buy-in and play money.

    Good luck at the tables

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      **moved to NLHE Tournament Hand Analysis**
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        You have the dubious honour of being the first person I've given advice to on here! I don't pretend to know what I'm doing but I'll give you my two cents anyway!

        In hand 1 I would have been worried that someone has already flopped top pair, 2 pair, sets, straights - that's just what happens in these tournaments! I think the preflop limp is fine. However on the flop, with 4 million people still left in the pot, the bet is incorrect. You are only getting called by better most of the time. I would say if you want to bet, but are ready to fold to any reraise, bet smaller, or even better don't bet at all! If you did check, there is a chance the guy who flopped the set might have got tricky and checked as well, as no one represented an A preflop by raising. Also if you check, and someone puts a small bet in, which get's lots of callers, you might be priced in to set mine. In fact, the price was nearly right to actually call that allin, but it's obviously a difficult thing to do when you know you are behind!

        In hand 2 you were a little unlucky, but you don't really want to have 3 people in the pot with JJ. You should be sticking it all in preflop with your stack everytime.

        I wouldn't get too frustrated though. Just dust yourself off and keep trying.

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          Hi Michae2005! With these being league games, the one thing that we need to always remember.. to last as long as possible, regardless of chip stack. The strategy in these is totally different from a cash MTT. In the first hand with 88, I can either call behind (what I will do the majority of the time) or open-fold (what I will do if there are any maniacs behind me). The flop has an ace and totally misses me. When it checks to me, I'm going to check and fold to any bet by an opp. Almost always, someone will have an A here and my 88 will be behind them. I do not want to bluff at a multi-way pot. This is a large chip leak that will cost me a very large number of league points, as I'll go out quicker. ------------------ With JJ and a limp in front of me, I will normally make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I will raise to 400... BUT.. this is basically half of my chips, which means that I'm pot-committed. This creates a really bad spot in a league game, as I need to shove, but I also cannot afford an early exit and the negative league points. If this was a cash tourney, I open-shove preflop all day long. But, with this being early in a league game, where I will get a large negative point number if I lose the hand, I need to limp behind like this was a small pair and hope to hit a set (which is risky due to the lower chip stack from leaking off 400 chips unnecessarily in the first hand). If I had QQ, KK or AA, then I'd shove preflop. The flop is three unders and when the opp leads for 100, I'm calling and re-evaluating on the turn. The turn puts a straight and two flush draws out there and I'm hoping that the opp makes another 100 bet, so I can call and see the river. When the A hits on the river, I'm check/folding. Yes, I may only outlast another few players, but every one that I do gets me more and more league points and the end of the month leaderboard is where the real cash in these games is. I do not want to have my chips all into the pot in a league game unless I will be sure to have the best hand after all five cards are on the board. Chances with marginal hands, especially later in the month, are never worth it in a league game. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            Thank you all for your input. Some very ingesting point to consider and work on



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