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1.10$ 1.5k Q10s

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  • 1.10$ 1.5k Q10s

    Well i would like to get some feedback on this hand
    how would like some more experienced players would play this hand

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    I would probably fold preflop but since blinds are so small, I don't blame you for raising or calling his minraise.
    On the flop I would check and call a small bet, since we are against 3 players.
    On the turn our hand has probably a lot of outs but since our opponent minraised flop, he isn't going to fold often, so a check/call or a check/fold to a big bet could be the best choice.
    Don't get overexcited with draws next time.
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      Hi martans,

      Without any reads on the table it's close between folding and opening imo, but I would generally open 100bb's deep from this position. My general plan is to fold to a 3b out of position, but here I agree we have to call as the villain has sized their 3b way too small... we are getting 5.5-1, and can expect 7.5-1 as V3/V4 should overcall behind us, and although we're out of position QTs plays well multi-way. Plus the small reraise is often a bet sizing tell of a big hand from a weak player, and although we have no reads as it's a $1 buy in this would be my best guess as to what's going on. So if we hit a big flop we may get a huge pot for the additional 90 chip investment.

      On the flop check-raising isn't a good line imo... we have an 8 out draw to the nuts vs. a probable strong hand in a multi-way pot fairly deep stacked. I prefer to check/call here. It will make our range look like a lot of 1 pair holdings, and it invites V3 and V4 to perhaps make a light overcall, which increases our price on the draw. If they peel light with hands like KQ, and we spike that king, that's more action we're getting. Additionally, by reopening the betting with a raise we allow V5 to raise again, and he may now choose to do so for a big amount that prevents us from profitably drawing. As it was he just called your raise, but there is 1755 in the pot already and you only have 2756 behind, so many players would just shove here with an overpair. Had he done so, you would be getting 1.75-1 to call off on a 2.5-1 shot, an incorrect price to draw.

      If you are going to semi-bluff with a raise, you want to pick good spots (where fold equity is high... like when the villains range is wide/weak, not the case here) and make a raise sizing that applies real pressure (not min-raise). In this case with a villain who has a probable strong range and potential loose overcallers to better our price, just c/c the flop imo.
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