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$1 45 man SNG

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  • $1 45 man SNG

    As i talk thru this one im thinking more and thinking of some answers to my own questions but want to make sure im "thinking" correctly This time his stats are VP:26 PFR:21 AF:Inf. W:50|100 STL:75| 3B:0|0 CB: Hands:19 As you can see im aware he steals 75% of the time,so hes stealin a lot, but does not fold to a 3bet Only hand I seen him showdown was JJ 2 questions only this time Q1 With which hands should I defend here with please ? Q2 Should I have folded to his allin ? Thank You in advance rolo
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    Hi Rolo,

    Q1 : I would be defending with either strong hands we can 3bet with for value. Or calling with hands that play well multiway.

    Your 44 hand is perfect to defend with. We talk about wanting 15:1 in implied odds. That is because you won't always stack your opponent or win the hand with a set. The actual odds of hitting the set is 8:1 the pot is already giving us 6:1 so if we can assume we get atleast a cbet out of the villain we are good.

    Q2 : Yes I think we have to fold. all we have is 3rd pair. It's too expensive to bluff catch here. I think bet folding or check calling and seeing a turn are both fine in this instance. It just depends on villain.

    Nice hand


    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      oh wow ty so much Andy !

      been altering how i play quite a lot recently ...not just at random honestly but small changes here and there

      And been getting everything wrong recently lol not good feelin..Looking back I now realise Q1 it was just a call I tend to use 20/1 soemtiems and 15/1 at others(when i been in Daves class)

      Is this a way ahead or way behind situation? 44 on flop 357 ?

      keep hearing this term so is this a good example of it please?

      I like to play with a clear head and as each question gets answered my head is less confused but at the time my game fell apart after this hand went from 3rd to out in 17th.ran into some bad luck and maybe i misplayed anothe rhand i may have to post it it really interesting spot actually...but i will try to work it out for myself at first using pokerstove

      He either had bluff or monster but even against Ak it not looking too good

      Missed nut flush soon after and then ran into AA very nearly sucked out If heart had coem on turn or river I would have been a massive chip leader

      Many Thanks

      ps I had been waiting to defend against his constant stealing and thought yes this is it but flop was like not sure what word to use here kinda average


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        Hi rolo,

        "Is this a way ahead or way behind situation? 44 on flop 357" ?

        Is so tempting, in one way to call, as you now have a gut shot at 11 : 1 but your set may be counterfeited on a turn 4 giving your opponent more outs on an open ender. I'm feeling way behind so it's a fold.

        But against pairs I'm not sure.
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          ohh yes m8 at the time i timebanked it....was tempted a little but then thought still have a stack to live on and if im wrong im very feel now he had a big hand but he sure must have been getting rather a lot of them !((sarcasm here as he was a continual stealer) yet the only big pot he played he had JJ and was overpair to the baord

          I forgot to mention earlier his reriase allin was instantaneous as only just remembered

          but rememebred in class no set no bet..i know i bet but felt sure if i had checked he would bet his entire range as he was very aggro



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