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$0.10 360 tourney / should I have kept the pot smaller?

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  • $0.10 360 tourney / should I have kept the pot smaller?

    I had played for about 5 rotations and the vibe I got was that most people were playing everything all the time.

    I was dealt 99 and managed to lose a ton of chips on the grounds that I really felt like I was ahead, until the turn when I invariably had to fold.

    I would appreciate your thoughts! Is there enough value in swelling the pot like I did when I knew I was ahead, or should I be keeping pots like this smaller to give me the opportunity to get away cheaper if I need to?

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    Hi Rob,

    I have done, I think, 3 live training member reviews in the .10c 360-man format, and it was universal in all 3 that during the early stages the majority of the field was playing crazy loose and wild with respect to hand ranges.

    So with that in mind, I like your raise preflop for value against their limping and calling ranges. One of the caveats in spots like this is that we have to be comfortable releasing post flop without putting more chips in the pot when necessary. Like when we go to the flop with 5+ players and it comes out KJ3... 99 is no good and we have to be able to just check/give up and not leak chips c-betting or calling bets with 3rd pair in a multi-way pot.

    In this hand we go to the flop 5 hand, and as far as non-9 containing flops go we get a pretty favorable one. Player 1 leads out for a min bet of 20 into 430, which is virtually never better hand than ours, it's likely overcards, a weak pair, or some kind of draw. The next guy raises to 100. This is not really a scary raise to me, seeing as there's 450 in the pot already, but it doesn't mean he's got no hand... most of the player pool in these are fairly clueless when it comes to things like pot odds, bet sizing strategy, etc.

    Our key decision point is right here imo. I don't really like calling 100 because the pot is already large, we will likely go to the turn with 3-5 players, and there are virtually no safe turn cards we can hit... 2's and 9's are about it. So our hand is likely to get worse, not better. That leaves raising or folding. Given the bloated pot and the low stack to pot ratio that's been created, and the likelihood we still have the best hand a solid % of the time here, I would go for the raise personally. The raise you actually made isn't bad, but you are putting half your stack in the pot now so folding later is very unattractive. Given how big the pot is, the low SPR, and the loose propensity of these opponents in general, I prefer an all in raise here. We don't mind folding out hands like KQ behind us, and we WILL get called by stuff like T8 and 76, I guarantee it.
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      In answer to the question,should you have kept the pot smaller,I say HELL NO!!!

      I agree with Dave 100% here,in a dime 360 I'm shoving this flop after the min-raise and 100 re-raise every time and watching this bevy of knuckle-draggers call their stacks off with a whole range of hands that we're beating.

      Unfortunately we would STILL lose in this case because the A8 gets there on the turn and you have a better chance of seeing a three-legged leprechaun riding a unicorn than you do of seeing someone fold top pair/Ace kicker early in one of these,even to a shove.


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        Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
        ...and we WILL get called by stuff like T8 and 76, I guarantee it.

        Any 2 diamonds...3x...6x...8x...get out of jail free card/3clubs...random UNO cards...


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          Solid advice, as per!
          I really think that the right thought processes are starting in my head, they just need refining. And I need a gazillion hours more first hand experience.

          Good stuff, thanks guys!



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