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$7 HU Turbo Flopped Bottom 2p vs River Donk

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  • $7 HU Turbo Flopped Bottom 2p vs River Donk

    Villain was playing 3 HU turbos at the same time so we can probably assume he isn't terrible. I tend to open 100% of buttons until villain's give me a need not to. At this level villains are pretty passive so you can get away with it. Think it's all pretty standard till the river. Call or raise, and if we raise, what sizing? Thanks guys, birdayy

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    Hi, Hand Analysis It's fine to be opening your button 100% of the time versus most passive villains (30% to 40% range), after you've built a decent sample your stats will converge to around to a 65% to 75% SBVPIP upwards to the brink of 80%. This hand should really be folded pre-flop. Versus a villain that defends %50 of their range from the big blind we'll have about %30 equity, rarely will we ever feel comfortable betting this hand for value or calling bets as it just doesn't flop to well and our blocker bluffs will just result trouble some spots. We would need really specific reads to be pulling off an audacious 4 high bluff. You've played this villain a total of three matches, did you get any reads of game flow, their overall table image and known showdown ranges? Post flop everything appears to be standard in terms of bet sizing, although I would have bet around 1/2 pot on each street, not really so much for balance but for pure'll induce light reverse floats such as ace, king or queen high. On the flop the majority of this villains range will consist mainly of two over cards, so this is a clear spot to be betting for value as the board is just so dry and it's just so hard to give any player credit for hitting this flop. On the turn, no back door draws peeled and when the villain check calls once more they may have some marginal showdown value at best Qx, king high, a gun shy 6x (that now may have spite called the river) or Ax. I'd say if this villain had a gut shot, they'd give up on the turn. The raise sizing on the river is almost spot on, we could even consider going for a smaller sizing of clicking it (min raise) as it's just so hard for this villain to have a second nut hand or hand that can call an all in. We want to get called in this spot. I like the way you played it, well done! Hope this helps. Good luck and good decisions, CannonLee

    Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks CL.

      I meant by saying he was playing 3 tables that he had simultaneous HU matches going on while playing me (different opponents).

      I'll try and tighten up pre, but i've found (at least from the stats i've gotten) that villains defend < 50% of small blinds at the low stakes level, leading me to adjust to playing a little bit looser.

      Glad my sizing was ok.

      Thanks again,


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        Sizing was fine.
        Im still not sure if raising river is the best decision though.
        It depends on the opponent I guess.



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