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$0.50 45Man Turbos

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  • $0.50 45Man Turbos

    I have a multiple of hands I would like looked at if you would have the time (there is over 30)

    They are bellow:

    I feel like I have run extremely bad but wanna know if it is just the way I was playing. I couldnt seem to win a hand but losing 18 45man's in a row just doesnt see normal.

    If you have the time again I would appreciate it if you would look over the hands

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    Hi Aff,

    This is not how the hand analysis forum works. The rule here is 1 hand only to a thread, so any discussion flows smoothly and there's no confusion, as well as being manageable time wise for the hand analyzers.

    Since you have a large number here, I would recommend perhaps submitting them for a live training review if you're willing? I would also recommend Andy (ahar010) for this, as he's done a number of live trainings on this exact game format already, and the 45-mans are one of his bread and butter games.

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      Ok thanks a lot, I will ask him.


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        I wouldn't get too beat up over 18 blanks in a row in these Affluenza.

        When US players could play here I ran around 30% ITM and 45% ROI in the .25 standard structure 45 mans and had a couple 12-14 game blank runs in there. Given the increased variance that's part of the stock and trade in turbo formats I would have had myself mentally prepared to KNOW going in that 20 game blank runs would not only be possible but expected.

        The hands shown...meh,depending on player notes/reads there were a couple/few hands in there where you could have gone another way I guess,but that's really nitpicking. I'm sure that if I examined 30 hands of my own I could always find several wherein I can talk my way into taking different lines. What you showed here,I personally didn't see anything egregiously "off".

        Agree with Dave here 100%...submit a group of hands or a complete replayer of a particular 45 man to Andy and see if he'll do a session.If so Andy's analysis is pretty crackerjack in my opinion. He'll steer you right. In the interim peruse the video library for already existing 45 man sessions and also post single head-scratcher hands you've had here in the analysis section. You'll get plenty of advice.
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          Do you have Holdem Manager? I clicked on a couple of random links in the other thread and you lost some flips as a favourite, so at least some of your results will be entirely due to runbad, or variance as we call it. If you have HEM, you can open the "Races" report, and this will show you how much equity you had when you were all in, and also how often you won. If you're usually ahead when you got all in (so average equity was >50%) but you ended up winning less than 50% of your flips, then you're probably just going through a bad streak of variance.
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