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Is this a shove?

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  • Is this a shove?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    This guy was limping allsorts of trash and i figure i wasnt in terrible shape if i get called and i cant call or raise because im to short so is this a shove or a fold?

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    pretty easy shove with villain read and stack depth. I might find a fold if it was on the bubble.
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      That depends on limping villain, since some might open-limp with monsters there.
      If villain is loose I would prefer an isolation raise, so we give him room to call with garbage and we also can get away from it if BB wakes up with a hand.
      But yes it is a good shove.


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        I shove here 8 days a week and do not consider anything other than that.
        If you need more convincing just look at the hand in question.


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          You have less than 12bb behind after paying the SB. If it was folded to me here, I'd be jamming 50% of hands. Having a limper in the pot makes me tighten up my range somewhat, but I'd still be going with about 26% of hands. My push range here would be something like 22+ A2s+ K6s+ Q8s+ J8s+ T9s+ 98s A5+ KT+ QJ. ATs is near the top of that range. Snap-shove, print money.
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            Villain limps all kinds of trash... check.
            ATs is ahead of all kinds of trash... check.
            Villain is bad and thus might limp/fold their short stack... check.
            Villain is bad and thus might limp/call worse hands like A6, JT, KQ... check.

            [x] shove

            We can not iso-raise and fold to the BB if they come over the top when we have a 12 bb stack, that would be a pretty big leak imo. If we had 22bb then I like that line better. We do risk running into a moster in the BB once in a while, but our stack size necessitates we take some more (intelligent) risks, and fishy guy limping all sorts of trash in front of us is just too good an opportunity to pass up if we are interested in winning this tournament.
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              Ok cheers everyoneumbup:


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                Mike,given the description of the player type that you provided that guy isn't even on my radar of whom I have concerns about in this hand. The only sweat I have is that the BB may wake up with a hand.

                The open limper? I KNOW I have this poof's range destroyed and not only am I shoving on them,I'm breaching etiquette and going right to triple dog daring them to call me in chat.

                (For etiquette on dare/double dare and triple dog dare see "A Christmas Story"---1983.Just don't ask Santa for a Red Ryder BB gun. ).
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                  jamming here evrytime
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                    I think you made the right choice, just got unlucky against a loose calling player. Only time I'd not do what you did is if close to bubble or final table (but thats a personal preference), still a good play i think as i'd personally never have called you with J-10 even if suited...but thats just me.



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