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shove or call?

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  • shove or call?

    villian on about 16bb me 32bb he is loose aggro opening a lot. 3betting but has folded to the 4bet shove in past.

    so at this stage on FT is should this a good shove

    Full Tilt Poker Game #33230309523: The Raptor (258453361), Table 139 - NL Hold'em - 15000/30000 Ante 4000 - 02:37:55 WET - 2013/09/09 [21:37:55 ET - 2013/09/08]
    Seat 2: JayJay00297 (548,540)
    Seat 4: GioTheJammer (505,195)
    Seat 5: DiXChapoLa (950,182)
    Seat 6: Sean SSS1 (1,057,687)
    Seat 7: Gangrey (927,996)
    Seat 8: AA__II__AA (1,140,400)
    JayJay00297 antes 4,000
    GioTheJammer antes 4,000
    DiXChapoLa antes 4,000
    Sean SSS1 antes 4,000
    Gangrey antes 4,000
    AA__II__AA antes 4,000
    DiXChapoLa posts the small blind of 15,000
    Sean SSS1 posts the big blind of 30,000
    The button is in seat #4
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Sean SSS1 [8s 8d]
    Gangrey folds
    AA__II__AA folds
    JayJay00297 has 15 seconds left to act
    JayJay00297 raises to 60,000
    GioTheJammer has 15 seconds left to act
    GioTheJammer folds
    DiXChapoLa folds
    Sean SSS1 has 15 seconds left to act
    Sean SSS1 raises to 1,053,687, and is all in
    JayJay00297 calls 484,540, and is all in
    Sean SSS1 shows [8s 8d]

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    It's a little big here but as he love opening pots and 3betting etc. it seems like a fine shove. How loose was he playing?



    • #3
      quite loose pretty much opening if folded to him


      • #4
        Hi Sean,

        I think both flat calling and set mining as well as 3bet shoving are profitable here.

        I put a 21% raising range and an 8% calling range into ICMizer on this spot and it says you'll make 80,000 chips on average jamming here.

        For set mining you only need to put in 30k chips and he has a decent stack left behind. But 88 has a bit more show down value so you don't just want to take set value from this hand.

        So I think I would shove as well.

        Other thing to think about is your table image. If you were to set-mine and fold on majority of flops you would look like a bit of a weak passive player. 3betting here gives you a more aggressive big stack image. People won't want to try stealing from you as often and they will show up lighter when you shove next time, which is better for us in the long run.


        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          TY both



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