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Blind v blind confrontation middle stage Big 109

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  • Blind v blind confrontation middle stage Big 109

    So this hand played out with 218 left in the Big 109 (1149 entries).
    I'm on a pretty bad downswing and starting to evaluate hands and looking for leaks i still haven't found, of spots i need to adjust.

    History with villian is he was new to the table and he folded 3 hands in EP), that's all. I also folded all three hands.

    In this hand he's the small blind, i'm in the big blind.

    Blinds 300/600 A70
    Seat 5: Kihlström (14029 in chips)
    Seat 6: Teuneman (13054 in chips)

    It gets folded around to his small blind

    Kihlström: raises 900 to 1500

    What are the ranges to fold/raise, and if we raise, can we just 3-bet induce, assuming 3-bet folding is terrible...?

    I will give the hole cards if there are some ranges you guys can give me, then we can discuss my good/bad play...

    Hope this makes an ok dicussion...


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    I think this is a good and interesting discussion as I wonder whether my standard play in this situation is necessarily optimal.

    Even though you only have three hands on Kihlström, I recognised the name as a reg before looking him up. That he is a good reg is a small factor in the decision. That said I don't know whether he is opening less from SB here given stack sizes or not?
    I do not like putting in say a quarter of stack 3 betting to fold, there is 2700ish out there when you act so aside from monsters that I might decide to call/induce if I have no history with villain, I am choosing between shipping and folding.
    Say villain opens 50% and calls off 20%, then shoving top 40% is profitable if my quick Math is right. I would be wary of taking too thin EV on a shove given that although I would expect the SB open to be very wide, that 50/20 guesstimate will vary across villains.
    I am assuming too far off bubble for that to be a significant factor, I feel like 50/20 is conservative anyway if there is some bubble dynamic.

    Look forward to hearing what others think, like I said I question how optimal shove/fold is in this spot.


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        Hi Teuneman

        Without any history on villain I don't think 3betting to induce is a good plan however if we have history with villain then I think it's ok although I'd prefer our hand to be a few pips higher than A7.

        Blind versus blind spots with these stack sizes tend to be awkward, especially if we know that villain is any good (which we don't know here?)

        If we plan on 3betting to induce then I think a range like 77+,ATs+,KQs,ATo+ would be fine and if we have reads on villain then we can adjust that range accordingly.

        I think with A7 we have to defend and I don't like shoving our 21 bb stack into villain unless we have at least a little history because it's a pretty high variance spot.

        Interesting hand indeed and I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on these spots.

        Cheers, Chris.



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