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$1.50 Fifty50 Turbo

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  • $1.50 Fifty50 Turbo

    Thoughts on this hand?


  • #2
    I would prefer a check on the flop, so you don't make the pot huge.
    As played I am betting turn too, and probably bet/fold river.


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      I would call the river too with a two-pair. It was a nice pot, kind of too big to just give away like that. I first thought you were going to check-raise the turn (why didn't you?) but you called instead. There were all kinds of draws out there so I would probably shove the turn instead of calling just because you had a bigger stack than the villain who bet.

      Ok they might have JT which would explain their call on the flop and the aggression on the turn and river. But if you put them on a straight (or 22, 99), it might be best to check the river and hope for a cheap showdown.

      They might also have AQ or A9 (better players might raise preflop with those but in $1.50 games you never really know) or QJ, QT. With any of those hands, I'd be comfortable betting and raising against someone who showed their weakness (check-call) on the turn. The bet on the river looked like a steal after the check-call on the turn so they most likely didn't put you on a two-pair.

      What I'd like to know is why check-call the turn and bet-fold on the river?


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        Hi ads

        Leading out with 2nd pair is weird, it's almost as if you're 'betting to see where you're at' which I'm not a fan of. I think the msot standard line to take would be to check fold and sometimes check call flop and either check call or check raise the turn.

        When we lead out with 2nd pair we're only going to get called by draws and hands that beat us which certainly isn't a good spot to be in.

        As played I think we're beat by the time the river card comes but we're getting a fantastic price to find out. It's going to cost us 550 to win 3,5k so we don't have to have the best hand very much of the time to make the call profitable but if we do make the call and lose the hand we are going to be very short stacked so ultimately it's quite close on the river but it's a call I'd make.

        Cheers, Chris.



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