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PokerStars Home Game Hand #103472368137: {Showcase: WSOPlay Money} Tournament #781222

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  • PokerStars Home Game Hand #103472368137: {Showcase: WSOPlay Money} Tournament #781222

    Play money was a big factor in this hand.
    But, please advise if it was played correctly, and how it would/should be played in a real money tournament.

    2000+100 Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (50/100)
    20 000 starting stack.....3 min levels.
    Bracelet Winner

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    Hi slettuce! With any hand that I'm going to play, when I'm the first to possibly get into the hand, I'm either going to make a standard raise (3BB+1BB for each limper at this blind level) or I will fold. Open-limping is a very weak and exploitable play, something that I do not want to do. Normally 44 is weaker than I like to open with from UTG due to the positional disadvantage, but since everyone is deeper stacked, I'll raise to 300. I see a flop that misses me and could easily hit the two opps, so when they check, I'm going to check behind and see a free turn card. The turn pairs the board and the opps check again. Since I raised preflop, I'm going to make a 2/3 pot bet here. If the opps had a K, they should have bet the flop. A Q should have bet the turn. Since they both checked twice, I will make a standard value bet (2/3 pot vs two opps). The river gives me a full house and now an opp bets into me. I'm going to raise whatever I think the opp will call and with a standard raise being to 1800 (between 3X the previous bet and a pot-sized raise), I'll raise to 1800. The opp now 3-bets and I'm definitely going to 4-bet. A normal 4-bet sizing is to 3X the opp's bet and since this will pot-commit me, I'm going to 4-bet SHOVE. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. The opp should have bet the turn and the river here and not slowplayed their trips.

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thx John

      Makes perfect sense.
      My first time playing in these play money "deep stack" tourny's, so my thought pattern went like this.....I won a small pot previously, I would still have 200BB if I get 3-bet more than 3 BB's and fold, so I limp 1BB and somehow they giftwrapped the rest for me.
      I understand fully what you are saying about UTG entering an "empty pot" by limping is just wrong, but because it was a "freeroll" hand and being new to the 3min level increases, not knowing anything about the way the tourny would run.....just to get a feel for the game I wanted to get involved in a hand and got a nice early double up when I was almost 100% folding to any action without stressing about any risk to my stack.
      I really enjoyed playing this one (and a few others today), never thought I would be "wasting" time with play money, and surprised myself at how much info I gained by spending a few hours playing with guys/gals that really play solid poker in "play money" tournament mode.

      Thanks again to PSO for all these "avenues" to improving my tournament play and keeping me inspired.

      Sorry for rambling, but I wanted to share how much I've learnt just by taking part (league, home games, training etc.- mindset wise, it's been an awesome first 2 months.


      Shredded Lettuce/(slettuce)
      Bracelet Winner


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        One thing that I've learned over the years is that even if everyone else wants to limp and see flops, keep playing your game. I'll open-raise if I'm first to get in, or if I have a speculative hand, I'll limp behind (but will also std raise too). A good example of it was playing 1/2 NL cash in a casino yesterday. I had 11 pocket pairs (none higher than JJ). I open-raised 2 of them, limped behind 5 of them and raised after a someone limped the other 4... by changing it up (but not open-limping, the opps aren't going to put me on the mid/small pairs that I'm playing.
        A number of players, both online and live will open-limp them... and since open-limping means speculative hand, if you hit and bet the flop, the observant opps will then be able to put you on the hand you really have (set or draw with suited connectors/1-gap).

        By playing this way, it keeps the opps guessing as to the cards I'm really playing and gives me more options post-flop, especially if I'm out of position.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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