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ICM Question - Final hand in a timed tournament

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  • ICM Question - Final hand in a timed tournament

    Just wondering if this is a very standard shove when it's the final hand of a 30 minute tourny?

    Should I just fold it and take my prize or go for it for a 3x bigger prize?

    The way I see it, each chip is worth a set amount of money, so unlike normal tournaments where there is ICM considerations (big money up top), it's simply EV we are calculating?

    I could be wrong though.

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    Do you cash $0 or $0.01 if you finish with 1 chip? Is that's the case, think of it as a cash game. Would you put $7,480 in the pot with a 30%-40% chance of losing it? I actually put the limper on a pocket pair which would mean that they're the favourite to win the side pot and leave you with nothing. I wouldn't expect the limper to ever fold but I would expect to be flipping coins with them. If you get lucky and win the side pot there's a good chance that you beat the short stack too so it might be worth the risk.

    I don't think this is an ICM calculation with the time limit too.


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      You should definitely shove, especially if it's the last hand, since some players would be loose.
      Some will tighten up a lot shoving only JJ+, while others will shove any two trying to double up or win the blinds+antes.
      Time tournaments have definitely a lot of things to considerate outside of plain EV.
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        Hi birdaay

        I'm liking the shove. You're in front of both villains ranges and the entire purpose of these games is to gather as many chips as you can within 30 minutes, so this is actually an excellent spot for us imo.

        I'm not entirely sure how much you cash for with 6600 chips but I know that it's not a lot more than the entry fee, however if we go with our hand and win the pot we're going to have over 18k chips which will bank us a relatively nice score!
        One more thing to mention is that there is a side pot to be won between you and player 7 which is excellent because if player 4 wins the hand he's only going to win 9.5k which leaves you and player 7 with a side pot of 9k.

        Nice hand, Chris.


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          Thanks Chris. Thought it was pretty standard (coming from cash games) but always good to check.



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