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Good decision went wrong or ... ?

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  • Good decision went wrong or ... ?

    Hey guys, This is the second hand in one of the PSO WCOOP freerol tourney for the 3.3$ ticket. My question is : was it too early to shove ? Thanks and regards, Bogdan 'Shoim'

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    Hi Bogdan! With AKs on the 2nd hand of the tourney, I get a standard raise in front of me. I'm going to 3-bet here and make it a standard 3x sizing to 180. However, if multiple players now shove preflop, I need to be ready to muck, as AK plays much worse against multiple opponents. I flop top pair, but this is a very scary board. When the opp checks to me, since I did 3-bet preflop, I will make a standard c-bet. Post-flop bets need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. For one opp, the standard size is 1/2 pot (unless the opp could have a combo draw, then it's 2/3 pot). Especially with a wet board like this, I don't want to bet more than this and will size my bet at 195, as I want to try to exercise some pot control just incase the opp is a maniac. 195 is the least that I can bet and still accomplish my goal of pricing them out. The opp now shoves on me. This is big trouble and due to it being early, I need to err on the side of caution here. A tourney cannot be won within the first few hands, but it sure can be lost. Due to this, I'm mucking and saving my chips for a spot where I know I'm ahead, not using them when I can easily be behind or drawing dead. Over-valuing top pair is a common mistake that many players have and is something that I want to avoid, as it will leak off a large number of chips over time to the opps if I don't. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      It was a good shove if he thought he could get calls from AK.

      Question is when you called what range of hands do you think he would do this with?

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        Hi, I'm with you on your decision in this specific tourney. It's the 2nd hand and you probably don't have any reads on the villain. We see the result utg +1 raises a bit light imo and flops the effective nuts. But you can 2 x re-buy 3000 chips for 20c the Free-11c is over prematurely but we have 3 hours to go. I played in this event and needed a double re-buy under similar circumstances. Then when you get past the 10c add-on period your playing a different game for a ticket. So it's a cooler in that spot. Some more information about this PSO free-buy re-buy/add-on game. Guarantee was covered in four of these games I have played. In this one think it was 119 tickets in the end after all the 10c we add-on to the prize pool. But at that stage I was worried shoving utg KK and getting called by a loose Ace rag. It is serious for me a 30c investment for a $3.30 ticket and busting at that point. Maybe a bankroll question I was ok with 50c = 2 x double re-buys + 1 add-on. There has been a recent training on re-buys not sure if it was 10x re-buys or 10% ticket price but definitely stop if a double re-buy at that blind level isn't worth it. umbup:


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          It's personal preference, but you won't see me rebuy in a freeroll. The add-on may or may not be worth it, but I'm definitely NOT rebuying.

          John (JWK24)

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            Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
            It's personal preference, but you won't see me rebuy in a freeroll. The add-on may or may not be worth it, but I'm definitely NOT rebuying. John (JWK24)
            With you on that. First 3 training tickets just needed the 10c add-on for each tourney 30c = $9.90, then 4th time oops. Didn't feel obligated to add 20c back into the pool for another $3.30 run good. umbup: Try to get back to you on recent HA probably forget tomorrow - something like "reverse engineer equity % to basic ratio method for students"



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