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Bubble play calling range, $7 Turbo Fifty50

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  • Bubble play calling range, $7 Turbo Fifty50

    Fifty50 tournament, top 5 in the money, 6 players left. So we have a big stack who's been stealing the blinds the past few rounds and the rest of the players playing a game of survival. I'm annoyed by everyone donating their blinds to him uncontested but without anything decent I couldn't play any differently on the BB. Then I'm dealt an ace on the button. The big stack raises with their 100% range. I'd expect both the SB and BB to fold. With a stack of 2.55 BB, is it profitable to make the call with my A4o? What's my calling range here? It'd be nice to hear from an ICM expert who can do the math.

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    Does SNG Wizard do ICM for 50/50s? I downloaded the trial, and was interested in seeing if I could get it to output an answer for your hand. And I was able to get it to upload your hand. But so far no luck on having it output the answer. Probably it works for 50/50s, does it?


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      Re. your other post. As I said, I'm the one who needs to do the work in this case. Villain is bullying (which is good play BTW) then this is a snap call. Your 60/40 imo to any hand he may have and a call/ shove in this spot will earn us a bit of profit over our initial $7.

      You can really blame your opponents if you're playing the same way.
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        Hi raccy! My first thought here was to instantly fold ace/rag here, but I did run it thru an ICM calculator just to be sure. The cutoff's bet is basically a shove by them, and from the ICM calculator, the call range for the button here would be only with JJ+. Ace/rag is nowhere near this range, so it's an instant muck. However, if it folded to me on the button, then I would be within the shove range per the ICM calculator of 22+ Ax+ K6s+ KTo+ Q9s+ QJo J9s+ T9s. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          And besides the ICM calculation even if we do assign Villain 8 a 100% range we're only a 57-43% favorite on hand equity. With 2 other stacks that are basically as short as we are and Villain 7 has to take the blinds before us,I'm laying down A4o here.

          One thing I would do here,especially in a Turbo format with blind jumps every 3 minutes...we're going to blind out if the blinds come through us again anyway so I would wear my clock down to nothing before the blinds hit Villain 7 and make them take the max hit.If the blind jump comes on the next hand here we could conceivably even make them eat the blind jump after that on their SB,which with no action/hand won would blind THEM out. You'll see some peeps object and even cuss you but the clock is a tool/weapon for everyone to use to their fullest advantage so when the opportunity presents itself---USE IT.

          Back to the play here---raised to me it's a fold IMO. Folded to me and I snap shove.

          I think from a game play standpoint with the way you push hard for 1st and/or 2nd and a big stack when you have the best of it in these,that if you can find a way to milk out a higher percentage of cashes when you're short stacked then your ROI could soar. Just a thought.



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