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AKo postflop play - The Big $2.20

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  • AKo postflop play - The Big $2.20

    Never know how to play AK post flop... I have no stats on villain because just moved table. I feel I probably should've cbet flop but I'm afraid he is going for a c-raise w/ any pp

    I don't like my call on turn, but I'm getting 1:4 and hoping to hit river (if he does have a hand like 77-QQ)

    Should I be c-betting/fold to raise on flop ? Flat calling 3bet preflop ?


    Poker Stars $2.00+$0.20 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t300/t600 Blinds + t70 - 9 players
    DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

    MP2: t23406 M = 15.30
    Hero (CO): t40436 M = 26.43
    BTN: t52524 M = 34.33
    SB: t43884 M = 28.68
    BB: t6340 M = 4.14
    UTG: t9970 M = 6.52
    UTG+1: t2890 M = 1.89
    UTG+2: t14313 M = 9.35
    MP1: t36546 M = 23.89

    Pre Flop: (t1530) Hero is CO with A K
    5 folds, Hero raises to t1350, 1 fold, SB raises to t3600, 1 fold, Hero raises to t11150, SB calls t7550

    Flop: (t23530) 5 4 3 (2 players)
    SB checks, Hero checks

    Turn: (t23530) T (2 players)
    SB bets t8400, Hero calls t8400

    River: (t40330) 5 (2 players)
    SB bets t24264 all in, Hero folds

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    Hello, I think he has got monsters there, something like QQ+ or at least JJ+ AK. Don't you have any stats for him? because he called 4bet OOP. If it's tight player or unknown I prefer to call 3bet IP so deep stack. If I'm shorter than 22BB I would shove on his 3bet or first in, depends on stack. If he is loose I 4bet (I need here fold to 4bet stats) and cbet OTF. Because there are KK+ in our hand range too and I may get free card OTT or even free show down and fold from unpaired cards.
    As played I would fold OTT.
    and 4b sizing looks huge to me
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      Hi B4Tb0Y

      With 67 bb's and no reads on villain I think that both calling and 4 betting are fine. I would assume villain has a legit hand more often than not to be 3betting out the small blind as nobody likes playing out of position.

      What makes this hand awkward is your 4bet sizing, it's too big imo. When villain flats the 4bet there is over 23k in the pot and just 28k in our stack. Bet folding seems bad as we've committed so many of our chips to the hand and bet calling is yucky too.

      As played I think I would check/fold to villains turn bet as we still have a very playable stack.

      But the big mistake you made here is your 4bet sizing, what you have done is you have bloated the pot which means that you have created a big pot but you are limited as to the amount of options you have post flop because your stack to pot ratio is very small, where as if your 4bet sizing was smaller 'lets say 7 - 8k you'd have a lot more room therefore a lot more options post flop.

      All of the above is me assuming that we have no reads on villain and that he is a random player.

      Cheers, Chris.


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        I assume we're not in the money yet so at this point I'd be protecting my stack too and waiting for short stacks to be eliminated before fighting other big stacks. The way I read this 3-bet is that they want to make sure you've got a decent hand. They don't want anyone to just steal the blinds. By calling their 3-bet, you kind of show them that you do have a decent starting hand. That's why I'd just call that 3-bet and hope to keep the pot nice and small unless my hand turns out to be very strong.

        I don't like that call on the turn either. If you call the turn, you should call the shove on the river too (because your hand is better, not because you're chasing something). That's not much fun as you'd have to go all in - and that's exactly what they want you to think. The thing is, you showed your weakness by not betting on the flop. They might be pushing with weaker hands like AJ and AQ, or even any ace. As for having no reads - well now we do have some. We're facing the second biggest stack of the table. Based on their aggression, we can guess how their stack became that big too. Maybe you weren't the first player who showed them weakness?

        There are two ways to play post-flop that I like much more: 1) c-bet on the flop, fold to a raise, or 2) check the flop, fold on the turn because you didn't hit anything.



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