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Hot $0.55 - A-Qo check-raise in BB; good or no?

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  • Hot $0.55 - A-Qo check-raise in BB; good or no?

    Early in the tournament. Had only played 2 hands so far - won a moderate pot with AA and got over-shoved by 3Karen3 (Villain 3) after trying to set-mine. Villain 6 I had played previously in a tournament back in early July - he was the type who limp-shoved utg with A-Q and similar hands. His button raise made me wary - I didn't 3-bet, as I am trying to get out of that habit and most hands that would call a 3-bet have A-Qo crushed, so I flat-called. The reason I check-raised the flop was because I was almost certain villain 6 would c-bet, and I wanted to discourage the other villain from coming along. But I'm not sure if my turn check-raise was good or not. What are your thoughts?
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    Hi Chris,

    I agree with flatting AQ oop here, although 3-betting isn't terrible, especially if we think he's opening wider to isolate the limper.

    As played I don't like check-raising the flop really... we are in a way ahead, way behind spot and the c/r will tend to just fold out a bunch of the low equity parts of his range. Plus, V5 can always have a hand like AJ/A6/66 here and be waiting to check-raise as well. And, if we c/r and get 3b, I won't really like it... we'll have to begrudgingly fold but could be getting had by AT that has no clue what's going on, or a combo draw like KdQd sometimes. Or even another AQ. I would generally flat here (folding of V5 check-raises), then plan to lead all blank turn cards and go from there.
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      I'm fairy new here, and so still learning, but was a c/r the best play? No disrespect intended, but if I were the villain holding a pair of J's I'd put you on an ace all day long. The all-in was a scary push too considering there were 2d's on the board so I would have led out on that hand (though perhaps I'm wrong), making a pot sized bet to see where I was with a call/raise from behind. If I were raised/3-bet I would have folded. Also, you got lucky to be up against that particular villain - all-in without being on top pair after an information bet and getting an answer? he really should have thrown it away... If you know he is an aggressive player, perhaps value bet with enough room to fold the turn and river if you feel the situation changes (i.e board pairs anything but an ace or third diamond lands and villain pushes harder).

      Also, been in similar scenarios myself and having watched back - would a 3-bet been advisable pre-flopped? V5 I would put on suited connectors/small pair so sizeable bet would probably deter them, and even though you held an ace it would lend itself to a c-bet should a high card come down? Even though you're oop at that point, the V surely will doubt he has the best hand. It is an honest question, and would like to hear your thoughts.

      Anyhow, either way you got your chips in and doubled up so well done.
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