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$1.50 6man SNG bubble play

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  • $1.50 6man SNG bubble play

    I'm working on my bubble-play so I'll probably be posting a bunch of these sorry ^^

    According to the bubble-play strategy article, this push is OK because ATo is a "category 5 hand"... but what about stack size? is 10BB short enough for this push given that there is a player shorter than me?


    Poker Stars $1.29+$0.21 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t75/t150 Blinds - 3 players - View hand 2281703
    DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

    BB: t1360 9.07 BBs
    Hero (BTN): t1520 10.13 BBs
    SB: t6120 40.80 BBs

    Pre Flop: (t225) Hero is BTN with A T
    Hero raises to t1520 all in, SB calls t1445, 1 fold
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    I shove here 100% of the time.


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      Very easy shove indeed. You and the other guy are even in stacksize so one of you has to double up to get ITM. If you wait longer because you have a few more chips, at some point he will be down to a few BB and get lucky and win an allin, and you are dead. Also notice his stack is not that much smaller, next hand you will be the big blind.. So you have very similar stacks here.

      If the other shortstack and the bigstack happened to be very loose players, you may want to wait a few rounds. However, this hand should be good enough, as the big stack will call you with worse a lot. (I would).
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        Hi B4T,

        We really need some range estimates for these bubble spots to get the most informed opinions, but it looks like a clear shove to me. If you are working on these bubble spots in 6 and 9 mans, get an ICM calculator like ICMIZER or PT4 comes with one included, so you can run these though vs. some different ranges and get some feel for your push/fold ranges here.

        I put this one through... if we assume the SB is calling us with roughly 30% of hands, and the BB is much tighter at 8%, ATo is a definite shove... our shoving range vs those call frequencies should be:

        (16.7%) 44+,A2s+,A7o+,KTs+,KQo
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