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Bubble of Sitngo

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  • Bubble of Sitngo

    Hi all

    So iv been playing alot of hyper 9man sitngoes recently and i think i have got my head around the whole concept of trying not too call off your stack againts a shove if your not the shortest stak due to the huge loss in value if you bubble.

    What i would like to know is, If your on the bubble of a sitngo and everyone has EVEN staks does it become correct to be calling when you think your ahead with hands such as AK,AQ

    in comparison, im pretty sure that if there are three big stacks and one stack with like 1 or 2 bb then it is correct to fold AKs (even if your opponent is shoving 100%) and wait for the short stack to bust rather than call and be in a 60/40 flip just wondering how this compares when all stacks are even.

    Cheers in advance for any feedback

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    I think it is always correct since the third place gets 20% of the prize pool, but the first place 50%.
    So I would even call with a wider range AJ KQ etc.


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      In a hyper such premiums are rare so I think it's fine to call shoves at any stage.

      Remember you've 2 aims in a STT, the first is make the cash but the 2nd is win the tournament. Youy may bubble some tournaments calling ahead but you'll also win more by doubling up which I think it's a +EV play long term.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hi Dany Boy,

        I've enjoyed playing against you (maybe more than you've enjoyed playing against me?) but I'll share my advice with you anyway. I don't always want to be the one who calls a 23o shove with AK only to see the bad beat that follows.

        First, there's one thing that all of you seem to ignore. You mention "shortest stack" and "even stacks" but how many BBs are they? That changes a lot. It's not always correct to call when you've got a better starting hand. If you're the BB and you've got AJ or better and the SB pushes, you can easily call up to 10xBB but I would never call 25xBB with AJ or AQ in that spot, no matter how many players are left.

        Second, when you play a lot you learn to know your opponents. You must know that some villains have a wide (100%) range of hands that they push with. But others don't. (They can actually fold their hand). You might think you're ahead but you might actually end up flipping coins with a tighter opponent. If all 4 players have at least 8BB stacks, why go for a coin flip? Of course, you won't fold these hands all the time. (but you do fold when I shove because I've got aces, at least )

        Three big stacks and a short one of 1BB: If the big stacks are around 3-4BB each, I would never fold premium hands. If the short stack wins once, they'll be a big stack. You'll just bust yourself by waiting.

        See you at the tables & good luck!



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