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$2.20 Dog Days Main Event

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  • $2.20 Dog Days Main Event

    Hi guys, a couple of hands came up during the ME that I didnt know what to do 100%
    Should this have been a shove? He was playing pretty tight and the small check raise on the flop looked like he had me beat?
    He was playing 0/0 over 26 hands so didn't think he would show up with anything worse that ATs, was this a correct fold?
    He was raising to crazy amounts, 6x the big blind etc, getting involved with the chip leader while in second place is never good here. The ICM consideration point this hand to a fold right?

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    Hi Affluenza

    Hand 1

    Hummm I think I would prefer to take the more conservative route by just calling preflop but 3betting is ok but we get him to fold a lot of hands we beat where as if we just call we keep in a ton of hands we beat and it also gives us the opportunity to get away from our hand cheaply if need be.

    As played I'm getting it on the flop. Were only losing to 44/55/88/ and QQ+ but I think villain will often 4bet QQ. I think villain could be re-raising your cbet with hands like 66/77/99 and 1010, maybe even AhXh and quite possibly some air hands 'which is unlikely' but it's not outside the realm of reality.

    Hand 2
    I'd be snap calling this shove 9 times out of 10 but if villain hasn't played one of the 26 hands dealt to him then I would think twice about it but I think I'm still going to make the call.
    I think you're giving villain way too much respect to range him on A10s+! I think a realistic range for a VERY tight villain would look something like
    QQ+,TT-22,A2s+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,A2o+,KTo+,QTo+,JTo in which case we have 46% equity against.
    So ultimately this is a close spot for sure but it's a spot that I personally wouldn't shy away from. I'd be quite interested to hear other peoples opinion on the hand.

    Hand 3
    Ooooooooph! I would fold because we imo we are never getting villain to fold. However, if he has shown that he will raise 6x and then fold to a 15bb+ shove then I would ship it in his face.
    With that being said I don't think we see villain fold enough of the time to make the shove creditable.
    Another reason why I like the fold is because we have a lot of shorties that are due to go busto and we can find a better spot later on. So yes, there are some icm considerations.

    Cheers, Chris.
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