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Playing JJ on the button

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  • Playing JJ on the button

    How did I do in this hand? The check on the turn was ok?

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    I think you played it well but notes on villain must have been he was a check raising type. I might have bet the turn if he wasn't and closed the hand down there. The last thing you want to see on the river is an overcard so bet turn and just don't trap yourself.

    Position is key here and we have so many more options.

    I don't think there's a correct answer here so well played BTW.
    Last edited by Ovalman; Sun Aug 11, 2013, 07:47 PM. Reason: added "I don't think there's a correct play here
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      Hi JohnPryce! What type of tourney is this from? The reason I ask is that I may have a slightly different answer if it's a league game or satellite, compared to a cash tourney. With JJ on the button, I get 3 limps in front of me. I'm going to make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. With 3 limps, I will raise to 5.5BB or 6600. I want to keep all of my bets/raises standard, so that it helps to conceal the strength of my hand. I see a 3 way flop that has three unders (about the best flop I can get that doesn't have a J). When it checks to me, I need to make a standard value bet and the key is the sizing of it. Post-flop bets need to be made based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With 2 opps in the hand, I need to bet 2/3 pot, so I will bet 15200. I do not want to bet less than this, because by doing so, I can be giving the opp the correct odds to try to outdraw me. If I do so and they outdraw me, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. The turn is an overcard and the opp checks to me. I'm going to make another value bet here and with only one opp, I'll size it at 1/2 pot (standard amount for a HU pot). Due to this, I'll bet 23400. By making the bet here, the opp won't know if I hit the K, or have a pair, etc. as this is the standard line I'd take with AK or a pair like JJ. If they can't beat the K, they can't call. This gives me a chance to win the pot here and also if they call, then I can re-evaluate on the river. I do not want to give them a free card where they could hit a straight, Q or A and beat me. The river should be a blank. Since the opp called a turn bet, I will check behind and go to showdown if they check to me. If I checked the turn (which I would not do), I would make a standard value bet here of 1/2 pot. I do NOT want to overbet here, as it looks like a bet from a player that is trying to make up for value they missed by not betting the turn.... the bets/sizes of them do not tell a consistent story throughout the hand. Preflop raise says strength, flop bet (too small) now says that I'm weaker), turn check says weakness, river overbet says strength.. it's not a consistent story. The line I'm taking is a standard raise pre, standard c-bet flop, value bet turn, check behind on river. This tells a much more consistent story and brings Kx into my range.. even though I don't have it. Checking the turn takes all the Kx hands OUT of my range. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks John, learned alot from this, btw this is a satellite Hubble's Freeroll, which I finished in 6th (:



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